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Verbicide and Imprint Present Unsigned Band Contest, Vote Now

Verbicide_Imprint_UnsignedVote for the Best Band at Verbicide Unsigned 2010 Contest! Help Them Get Their Album Pressed For Free and More!

That’s right! Voting has begun at the Verbicide Unsigned 2010 contest, presented by and Imprint Indie Printing.

The first round is over and now it’s up to you to help pick the winner. Choose from a variety of artists over a range of musical genres; from indie rock, alternative, and folk, to punk, metal, and hip-hop. We’ve even got some 8-bit music. It’s really too hard for us to choose the best. That’s why we need your help.

Indie Songwriter Tucker Finn to Release Debut Solo Album

Tucker_FinnCritically acclaimed performing songwriter Tucker Finn, will release her emotionally riveting debut solo album, The Cup & The Lip, on October 26, 2010 via Jane Wayne Records.

No stranger to the musical stage, Tucker was co-creator of the alt-country crooners, The Jane Waynes, commended by press and fans alike for their rollicking shows and songwriting skills. The indie artist’s premiere solo album, The Cup & The Lip, features ten original songs.

The album title, The Cup & The Lip, borrows from an old English proverb, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”, which cautions that even the best laid plans can go awry. Tucker’s songs are all about that slip – the vast space that lies between anticipation and the upshot, between your lowest low and your wildest dreams.

Alternative Indie Band Little Invisibles Produce Stunning Debut Album

littleinvisibles“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. “Even back when I started taking piano lessons, when I was seven years old—I always wanted to play the minor chords, not the major ones. There’s a powerful beauty in darkness, I think.”

So there is, from Chopin to Poe to Twilight. And it’s that same dark, powerful beauty that resonates throughout Little Invisibles’ brand of hauntingly melodic alternative pop.

With Gina’s aching voice and poignant keyboard at the fore, the band’s epic, sweeping songs rise and swell like waves on a moonlit shore until they crash over the listener like a sea of Byronic heartbreak. Five of these impossibly moving songs—all composed, like the rest of the group’s music, by Gina—make up Closer, Little Invisibles’ stunning debut.