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Owl City and TuneCore Team Up To Support Indie Artists

oc_distro_landingpage_final_02The multi-platinum international phenomenon known as Owl City is teaming up with the world’s largest and notably most successful online distributor TuneCore in a unique partnership designed to empower developing artists.

TuneCore has created a special website in collaboration with Owl City. Artists that choose to go through this website for distribution can have Owl City’s Adam Young listen to one “single” off their release. Young will choose his favorite among all of the music submitted and provide a constructive critique of the song directly back with the artist. Young will choose the artist and song on December 1, 2010.

“When I look back on the last 24 months of Owl City – the ease of getting music pushed out to the masses in the music industry today was without a doubt a huge factor in people being able to discover my music, said Young. “I feel honored to work with TuneCore to provide Owl City fans this same opportunity I was fortunate to have at the inception of my project.

Telepath’s The Remixes is Now Available, Gear Up for New Album

Telepath_300Music can bring a sense of community among strangers regardless of nationality, beliefs or nationality, and Telepath strives to provide to the collective language. After recently releasing The Remixes, the indie band is gearing up to release their fourth album in the fall.

Telepath’s, The Remixes, is 16-tracks of re-workings of songs from the band’s first two albums and tracks by other artists.  In addition, there’s a bonus Telepath remix of a track from electronic music group Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Formed in 2006 and hailing from Philadelphia PA via Asheville NC, Telepath is a unique new expression in the current live and electronic music scenes.

Indie Band The Narrative Stream New Single, “Winter’s Coming”

the_narrativeThe Narrative are streaming a new song titled “Winter’s Coming” off their forthcoming debut album, exclusively on “Winter’s Coming” showcases the musicality that sets The Narrative apart, with a sing-able upbeat chorus and a beautifully climactic ending. Click here to listen to the track.

The Narrative will be releasing their self-titled debut on July 27th via iTunes,, Rhapsody and various other digital providers as well as physically through their website. The groups latest effort maintains a diversity that most bands struggle to achieve while remaining harmonious with the sound they are known and loved for. With soothing male/female dueling vocals and beautiful arrangements, this album is poised to be a 2010 favorite.

Midnight Masses Do Daytrotter, Detail Forthcoming Releases

mass-fam1Autry Fulbright and his troupe of anti-folksters, 60’s psychers, and red right-handed Nick Cave disciples Midnight Masses hit the road with …Trail of Dead earlier this year. Before their stop in Chicago, the band swung by the Rock Island, IL studios of Daytrotter.

There, Fulbright and an abbreviated version of Masses – multi-instrumentalists Miyuki Furtado, and Destiny Montague, and guitarist Eric Rogers – laid down four songs from two forthcoming releases. One, due this fall, is an EP entitled Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body, produced by TV on the Radio’s Gerard Smith.

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