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New Media Pioneer: Dan Lynche from Rathole Radio

Rathole Radio is an internet radio show and podcast about music, free culture, news, interviews, and politics. Brought to you by Dan Lynch with humor, the best in new music, and exclusive live performances. All from sunny Liverpool in the UK.

How many listeners do you have on average?

It varies a lot between the live show and the download. We get about 40-50 live listeners usually but each episode then gets 1000+ downloads. I suppose because of time differences most people can’t join the live show and the download is more convenient.

If you could interview any living artist, who would it be?

Diamond in the Rough Story: Artist Christina Perri Releases Live EP on Nov. 9

Four-months ago, Christina Perri was busy running coffee at Melrose Place Cafe, a Los Angeles restaurant, wondering when she’d get her big break. Thanks to a close friend, who handed her demo to So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Perri’s song Jar of Hearts was featured on the June 30 show. Right after it aired on Fox, the track has sold 48,000 downloads, landed at No. 26 on Billboard‘’s singles sales chart and climbed to No. 20 on iTunes. She also scored the No. 10 slot on Amazon’s Overall Chart and is trending as the No. 1 search on Google.

Christina Perri is set to release her debut live EP The Ocean Way Sessions on Tuesday, November 9 on Atlantic Records.  The EP was recorded at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in LA, where generations of music icons have come before her including Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Mary J. Blige. It was mixed by Brett Eliason whose credits include REM, Polyphonic Spree, and Pearl Jam.

It’s never the right time, so why wait?

How many times have you put off a challenge, a job, a plan or an assignment and claimed you would get to it when the time was right? We all have, but a sad fact still remains: it’s never the right time and it never will be. Do it anyway, even during the tough times, you will find the endurance, the drive and the will to work under any circumstances that are occurring around you.



Right now, excuses for not working on what needs to be done is at an all time high, and it’s epidemic in the creative and entertainment fields. With fears of the shaky economy, layoffs, escalating prices and so on, putting things off has become a larger, more prevalent course of action than ever before.

The Problem

A strange equation seems to come into play when people are scared, overwhelmed, intimidated or just plain tired. They justify the reasons why they are not doing the things they know they should be in exchange for shortcutting or procrastinating. These people even convince themselves that procrastination is the right it is the way it has to be and they are doing the best they can or at least they are trying.

Indie Producer Nate Harasim Helps Create #1 Billboard Single

nate smallNate Harasim’s production for artist Steve Oliver’s “Fun in the Sun” is in its second week at #1 on the Billboard Chart.

Harasim’s production skills have been ruling the groove from behind the control panel in recent years. Currently in production and writing for Maxine Hardcastle (80s pop icon Paul Hardcastle’s daughter), it is expected that the music will propel Harasim’s notoriety into the pop, rock, house genres and beyond.

The biggest challenge this young producer has faced is the fact that his music refuses to be captured within the context of one particular genre. His recent singing to two different divisions of the same record label further adds to the mystique of this artist.

Christina Perri Signs Deal with Atlantic Records

Christina PerriChristina Perri — the singer/songwriter who gained thousands of new fans overnight when her song “Jar of Hearts” was featured on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance — has signed a deal with Atlantic Records, can exclusively confirm. Perri inked the deal July 21 to release her debut album on the major label, while Roadrunner Records will continue to promote “Jar of Hearts” at radio.

On June 30, Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” was used on So You Think You Can Dance for a contemporary piece performed by Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick. The song went on to debut at No. 28 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs and No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100 the following week, clocking 48,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.