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Twitter For Musicians

twitter_mp3Twitter is a great tool for musicians to market their music, but many musicians are unsure how it can be helpful to them. The typical musician spends much of their time being musically creative, but many musicians who should be using Twitter to market their music aren’t sure where to start or how to use it to its full potential.

Luckily, Twitter is simple and easy. The only work that really needs putting in is a little thought and some time on a regular basis, and I’d like to share a few ways that this popular social network can supercharge your music career:

Find New Fans of Your Music

Many people are on Twitter these days – and many of them are music fans that live in your town, and the cities you visit. With Twitter’s search function, you can find local music lovers who enjoy the style of music that you play. Twitter also allows for two-way communication via replies and direct messages, so you have the opportunity to make true connections.

Networking 101 – Sound Advice

social_networkingFirst of all, I am not saying that you should go and join a “networking group” (although is a great place to do that). I’m pointing out that simply leaving your house can be looked at as a networking opportunity.

There Are 3 Reasons Why We Network

To find a direct target or a customer. For example, a fan who will buy tickets, music, or merch and support you.

To gain a sphere of influence, and therefore a source for referrals (i.e. the people who like the people who know & support your band).

Creating the Perfect Pitch – Sound Advice by Airel Publicity

BlankPaperBranding yourself both online and offline will really set up this coming year to be a break through one for your musical career.

To do this you must start with the most fundamental aspect of you as an artist: Your Pitch!

Two things happened recently to inspire this article.

Scenario #1: I was out at the Mercury Lounge seeing music and between bands I was standing at the bar talking to some friends and someone handed me a show flyer. I was taken with him immediately, I always appreciate anyone who is self -promoting because its not easy to do and it’s especially not easy to do at a crowded bar on a Wednesday night in downtown Manhattan. So, I looked down at the flyer and my heart sank. It said the following:

Disco Curtis Signs with MySpace/Interscope Records, Video Premiere

DiscoCurtisThe New Year brings nothing but excitement for the Dallas, Texas based pop-rock quartet Disco Curtis.

Most recently signed to MySpace/Interscope Records the band plans to write and record a host of new material. Today, the band currently performs songs off their debut EP “Play With Fire Get Burned” which is available now via itunes. Disco Curtis’ debut video for “Ashley” is set for a January 6th premiere on Over the winter months, the band is prepping for their appearance on the second half of the annual Vans Warped Tour, with dates slated for July 20th through August 15th.  Having previously toured with Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids and more, the band cannot wait to get back on the road. Jam With Other Musicians Over The Internet?

musicianlink_logoIf you thought playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero over Xbox Live and Playstation’s network was cool, then  jamLink  will blow you away! JamLink allows musicians to do the same thing, but with actual instruments.

Technology has now provided us with a product that allows musicians to practice with their band members, collaborate with other artists, or even audition over the Internet.

I know getting the whole band together can be a hassle in itself, so having such an innovative tool is pretty cool.

Find Where Your Favorite Band Is Playing On has generated an atmosphere where music fans can find and create memories at live shows of their favorite bands.

“We wanted to create a place that will allow anyone to find live events, see who was going, and share the experience,” according to the Web site.  

The site allows fans to find information about live performances, which other fans are attending and share their experiences at the shows.

The main purpose for the site is to be a one stop Web site, so concert goers know which bands are playing in their area.  

The process to begin Preamped was thought of in December of 2007 with one idea, “capture and share the experience of a concert.”

Preamped is a group of 4 individuals who fell in love with the environment of a live performance since the first time that were introduced to the opportunity.

Find out more information about what the site offers at