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INTERVIEW: Fresh Peaches of Such Cool Stuff Blog

Celebrating Independent Artists

1. What are your favorite blogs/audio blogs featuring new music do you like to visit?
You know, it’s funny. I don’t really read any music-related blogs on a regular basis. I’m a bit of a chronic Googler, and that’s how I find most new (and new to me) music, both for my blog and for my own enjoyment. I read other blogs regularly, particularly in the left-leaning political and feminist blogosphere, but I’m pretty fickle when it comes to subscribing to blogs about the arts.

Why TweetMeme is Staying Strong Against Official Twitter Button

Do you have a music blog or a blog for your band and are searching for an easy way to market it? Add a tweet button to your posts. Tweetmeme was the featured retweet button used by blogs until Twitter decided to get into the RT game and released their own button.

This had bloggers like us wondering which one was the best to use. Which one displayed better on Twitter? Would the official button offer better results?

This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:


Beehive Candy is a blog and writes about all different genres. It includes new music, live concerts, rarities, and memories.

Featured Podcast:

Weekly Leader Podcast

The host of The Weekly Leader Podcast is a maritime and leadership blogger and podcaster as well as principal of a small social media consulting firm that works with maritime organizations, nonprofits and small businesses.

New Media Pioneer: Maria Teresa of The Marveloddities

marvelodditiesThe Marveloddities is a blog about whatever comes to mind. This blog features an indie artist every week. They think independent musicians are pretty impressive, since they continue to work their hearts out without making a lot of money.  It’s something to be admired.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) The Marveloddities is a blog about nothing and everything.  We usually write about whatever comes to mind from the perspective of a teenager, most of which is unimportant in the big picture, but a big deal to us since we still live in the little picture. I was inspired to start it because I was really impressed with the quality of blogs nowadays.  A few years ago Blogger was dominated by emo teenagers who wrote about the hell they suffered through in school, their crush, how no one understood them, etc.  (We’re probably just as obnoxious, but not as depressed.)  There are a lot of blogs now which are really really good.  Some of them are devoted to a particular subject, and others can read like a journal but still make you laugh.

Last year, I decided that I could probably start my own.  I enlisted my friend, Josette, and my sister Sofia, and now we all contribute to our blog.

This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:

M is for Music

M is for Music is an all-purpose music website. Consider them the anti-Pitchfork as they don’t want to be a select little club in our own little bubble,. This site is all inclusive and wants you to be part of it. If you like an album, then review it. If they like your review then they use it. You teach them new things, they teach you new things, that’s how we roll. They’ll bring interviews, new band representation, blasts from the past, the latest reviews and release dates plus all the latest gossip from the music world. This isn’t an in-crowd, this is THE crowd.

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
The Music Critic

At The Music Critic, they are passionate about music. They review all types of music whether a new release or a re-issue and give it a honest, unbiased and independent review. As such, you may or may not agree with the review. If you have an opinion on a review, then leave a comment.

Featured Podcast:
Double Shot Radio

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
Fern TV

FERNTV is the only website on the planet that combines the beautiful world of entertainment with that of the environment.   As this website features the exciting world of music, movies, fashion, and festivals, it will also help spread the awareness of the environment.  The bottom line is that FERNTV gives you quality air time!

Featured Podcast:
The Great Unknowns Presents