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Independent Artists: It’s Still About Networking and Promoting

If you’re trying to find a new band member, promote your latest release or your upcoming gig, expanding your network and promoting is the key to success. You can’t be content with your current fan base or the current venues you play in if you want to be heard.

What can you do to keep your music career moving forward?

Have an aggressive plan on social networks: Build a bond with your fans who are the core of your success on Facebook or Twitter. Let them know day-to-day events or ask them where they would like to see you play. The time you spend online can go along way with music fans.

Interview: Tom Cherniak of Talks About FTC Guidelines For Bloggers

cmplyWe know that there has been a lot of conversation over the past few weeks about the revised guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission with regard to reviews and paid posts.  The FTC guidelines take effect December 31, 2009 and there is a lot of confusion over what needs to be disclosed, who needs to disclose it, where that disclosure should be placed and how we should disclose.  Today I am talking to Tom Cherniak, co-founder of, about the impacts these new revisions and for some simple rules of thumb to follow in your post-Thanksgiving posts and podcasts.  Please note that this is not legal advice and that each disclosure situation may be unique.

AH: Can you explain what the changes to the guidelines are?