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INTERVIEW: Fresh Peaches of Such Cool Stuff Blog

Celebrating Independent Artists

1. What are your favorite blogs/audio blogs featuring new music do you like to visit?
You know, it’s funny. I don’t really read any music-related blogs on a regular basis. I’m a bit of a chronic Googler, and that’s how I find most new (and new to me) music, both for my blog and for my own enjoyment. I read other blogs regularly, particularly in the left-leaning political and feminist blogosphere, but I’m pretty fickle when it comes to subscribing to blogs about the arts.

New Media Pioneer: Michael Moss of Post It Cast

1. What was the inspiration behind starting the Post It Cast?

As someone who is constantly following and learning about things old and new, I was commonly asked why I didn’t make more of these things that I came across available to share with others. With that motivation and extraverted personality was the direct motivation to start up The Post It Cast and expand it in terms with a podcast,video,blog,Twitter, And Facebook Groups/Social Network to expand the show beyond just the Podcast.

2. Do you have one show that you’ve done that you think is better than all the others?

New Media Pioneer: Joey Smith and Peter Nash of TrekWest5 Podcast

trekwest5aTrekWest5 is a podcast that strives to bring thoughtful conversations to television, books, movies, music, and pretty much anything else they want to talk about.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

Peter: We love television, but the idea of just turning off your brain for mindless entertainment never felt right to us – it seemd to close to the Looter mentality.  We feel that you can have intelligent and entertaining discussion based on the subjects that television shows handle.  Our aim is to facilitate such conversation in ourselves and our listeners.

Music Streaming Blogs Being Shut Down

The Random, Troubling Antics of the IFPI and How They Impact Indie Artists.

rsstunesSomething sinister has been going on in the indie music blogosphere this February. And not just this February. Rumors and conjecture and suspicious activity have been noted on the periphery of web consciousness since the start of the new year.

As noted last week by The Guardian, several major music blogs have been shut down, randomly and suddenly, due to a takedown notice sent to Google by the IFPI.

Just when you thought the RIAA was getting a little soft.

The IFPI is the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Basically a bunch of guys using international law to threaten Google. In response, Google took down six music blogs hosted on its Blogspot service, including relative non-offenders like I Rock Cleveland and Masala.

New Year’s Resolutions for Indie Bands

happynewyearI’ll be the first to admit that New Year’s resolutions are kind of stupid. They usually involve quitting something (smoking, drinking, eating too much) that I end up doing on New Year’s Day because the party’s still on, and after that, I need my favorite vices to recover from the craziness of the holidays, and by the end of the week, I’m wondering why I bothered making a stupid resolution in the first place, and what’s so great about New Year’s, anyway?

But there is a secret to keeping a New Year’s resolution. The secret, friends, is to resolve to do something totally amazing with your new year. Don’t plan to wallow in miserable self-denial. Don’t plan to change who you are. Just plan on being completely awesome.

Doing great things is a particularly excellent plan if you’re someone whose future depends on your ability to succeed with no one cracking the whip behind you. Like, say, for example, if you’re an indie musician. Inertia can be a killer. So what better time to commit to becoming rich and famous than on January 1st?

53 of the Best Indie Music Blogs

buzz1200Tired of getting all your music recs from the barely-indie but passionately hipper-than-thou Pitchfork? Check out the Buzz list of great indie music blogs. Each one is guaranteed to make you feel even more out-of-the-loop than ever, but they make up for it by introducing new music you’ve actually never heard of.

3hive – Collecting all the free mp3s out there into one place.

A Post Punk Tumblr – Oi! You! Get your punk history fix here.

Amber Waves of Twang – Fresh roots, alt-country, bluegrass, and other sounds that were indie before there was indie.

Apes for Indie – The rare and elusive indie country music blog.

Aquarium Drunkard – Does every Wilco song have a blog named after it? AD covers indie music in grand L.A. famous style.

New Media Pioneer: Adrienne Manson of WSF Radio

WSFLogoQ. What are your favorite blogs/audio blogs featuring new music do you like to visit?

A. Believe it or not I love Blog Catalogue is a directory of just about every blog mentionable.. I usually go to the music section of blog catalogue and just enjoy the array of music blogs. When it comes down to the nuts and blots of getting the latest on what’s happening in quality music blogs it’s the Hype Machine (

Q. What inspired you to start site?