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OK Go Left Their Major Label, Who’s Next?

okgoWe have covered stories about bands like Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows taking the independent route. These bands could have signed with major labels, but took a new approach to the music industry. OK Go is also making their own path by creating their own label called Paracadute.

OK Go’s move gave a swift kick to the current industry model. Tour dates have been set up which will help bring in funds for the band. Paracadute and OK Go will manage the band’s distribution and promotion.

How much of an impact will a move like this have?

Euphonic Sound Redefines the Recording Experience For Indies

James Pew gives us the scoop on Studio 2.0.

james4bwAt GigHive, we’re always interested in those folks out there who are taking an active roll in building alternatives to the mainstream music industry. In Toronto, James Pew is an musician/technician well worth watching. Over the last decade, Pew has created Euphonic Sound, a vibrant and diverse community of artists who are currently hard at work building models for the future of the music industry. And psst, guess what? It’s totally indie.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak to Pew about what he does and why he does it. Here’s what he had to say:

GH: Clearly, you’re a busy guy. You run Euphonic Sound Studio in Toronto, you’ve got the Broken Window label, you run the Studio Manifesto blog, you’re involved with Origin Audio Electronics, and you’re a musician. How did this whole indie empire get started?

JP: Roughly ten years ago I researched recording studios in the GTA that I could potentially record some of my music at. At this point I had already been through an audio engineering course at Humber College and had done hundreds of demo recordings on 4 and 8-track – all of which sounded awful, hence the need for a professional studio with qualified engineers. The best price I found for a pro studio was $900 per day back then.

Is Artistfunding A Good Business Model For Indie Artists?

fundingQuestionable funding tactics have been utilized to help independent artists execute their projects. Business models such as, “Artistfunding,” have taken a front seat as an alternative to the major-label industry approach.

Basically, artists provide services, appearances, or signed products in exchange for an investment in their project that needs funding. Artists offer signed CD’s, posters and even offer performances to the fans that “invest,” or “donate” to their fund. The higher the investment, the more prestigious product or service the artist will provide fans who give money.

Some artists might see this type of model as a great way to create a financial base for their work, but there are also indie artists who are still skeptical about it. Especially, the indie artists who do not have a fan base, yet. Artists with a solid following are the only people that can take advantage of this business model.