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Airborne New Horizons CD Release Party Today

new horizons smallJoin Airborne today from 6-10pm at Leon’s Restaurant in New Haven as the boys officially release their seventh CD, New Horizons.  You can get an advance copy of New Horizons here, which the boys will be happy to autograph throughout the night.

Expect to see and hear some very special guests and live performances of some of their new tracks. Your favorite 24/7 jazz station, Blue Plate Radio, will be there with some giveaways and news about upcoming shows.

JPT Scare Band Unleash A Masterpiece of Fuzzed Out Proto-Metal

Acid_Blues.1JPT Scare Band will be White Man’s Burden in CD, digital and deluxe multi-colored double 12″ vinyl formats. LP edition will include two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The album will be available world-wide through the Ripple Music Store on June 22nd, 2010.

Legendary rockers, JPT Scare Band, released some of the most collectible psychedelic/acid rock of all time.

Banded together during the tumultuous years of the early 70’s, JPT Scare Band fused a sound equally heavy in hard rocking blues as it was tripped out in psychedelia, creating a sound so imposing that it perfectly reflected the emotions of the era.

Washington Square Park Featured on Sounds of NJ Compilation CD

clip_image002Washington Square Park’s song “Asleep” is featured on the new Sounds of NJ compilation CD created by and ShoreAlternative.comSounds of NJ can be downloaded for FREE until June 13th here.

The compilation, which is available for download via, covers a wide range of genres such as indie, pop punk, folk rock, hip-hop and hardcore. Unlike many other compilations, The NJ Underground and Shore Alternative made it a point to keep the number of songs on the CD limited to only present the very best coming out of the Garden State.

WSP is a punk rock band hailing from Northern New Jersey that is already stirring up noise all up and down the East Coast.

5 Secrets to Recording Audio From Home

homerecordingstudioEveryone wants to learn audio recording don’t they? It’s so easy and, as it turns out, inexpensive to do. You can do everything from transferring cassettes and records (remember those) to CDs, create audio books, voice-overs, put great audio onto your video files instead of the crappy audio that usually comes from camcorders. You can release a CD, start your own record company, be a 1-person band, etc. Audio is everywhere. Have I convinced you? Good, now read on:).

Before you do anything else, read the rest of this article. It will be your shield against the advice you might get from a salesman at your local music store, or from some other audio experts. Here are the five secrets:

You DON’T need to lay down a bunch of money to get started.

Pianist Monika Herzig – CD Release Party Dates

herzig coverMonika Herzig Holiday Concert Dates:

Wednesday, December 9, Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis
7-11PM, $10
National CD release of Peace on Earth with Holiday Wine Tasting
Enjoy the sounds of the season with one of Owl Studios’ brightest stars.
A collection of great holiday tunes.

PS – We also will have a special tasting that will feature holiday cocktails @ 6p (the price for that is $15)

Friday, December 11, Kaleidoscope of Lights

Indie Musician Matthew Ryan Releases Dear Lover Today

MatthewRyan_DearLoverIndependent musician Matthew Ryan is releasing his latest album, Dear Lover, in digital format today. The CD is available at most digital music stores including: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, The Nokia Store and more.

I had to make sure I put in the right CD when the intro to “City Life” blared out of the speakers. With an electronica vibe accompanying Ryan’s vocals, it gives a refreshing feel to a familiar voice. Ryan’s previous albums also included some songs with a hint of electronica sound, but “City Life” is a track that takes it to a new place.

Ryan keeps an upbeat tempo feel with the title track, “Dear Lover,” which begins with a heart felt vocal asking, “Tell me what want. Tell me what you want…,” over a simple distorted riff. This song proves to show how emotionally sound and powerful his vocals can be. There are very few artists in the rock genre whose vocals can outshine the instruments.

Jeff Kashiwa Produces CD for Debut Indie Artist Hulon

hulonA new saxophonist is on the rise in contemporary jazz. Hulon, who brings a fresh perspective on jazz with old-school style, will be releasing his debut CD, First Impressions.

Produced by Jeff Kashiwa, this CD promises to be a delightful experience with hot grooves and romantic charm.

First Impressions, is scheduled for release in early 2010.

When asked about this new CD and artist, Jeff Kashiwa said, “It’s every producer’s dream to come across an artist who has three qualities: drive to develop their unique voice, enthusiasm for creating music and passion to perform. Hulon posses all of these qualities.

Third Eye Blind Offer A CD Package For Ursa Major

3ebThird Eye Blind have photos on their Web site of the amazing CD and vinyl packaging for Ursa Major, which was just released. The package of the CD provides: 20 page booklet, lyrics, multi-fold eco-sensitive pack and more.

Ursa Major was the #1 selling album iTunes the day of its release and continues to be top digital download.

Taking advantage of online marketing techniques while entering the independent music world, Third Eye Blind has encompassed the self-marketing operations for their first indie album.