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Market Your Indie Band by Offering Your Music for Free

The process is overwhelming to complete an EP or full-length album for independent artists. Another difficult aspect is letting music fans know that the EP or album exists. Experts suggest that bands need to execute the basics – practice, tour and generate a fan base.

Creating a presence online is a different story. You can upload tracks to websites that generate links, so you can send the generated links to independent music blogs and post them on your websites and social media profiles. Be sure to display links to online stores where you are currently selling your music.

How about giving your music away for free?

Internet Music Marketing – 3 Powerful Techniques Briefly Outlined & Explained

Music MarketingInternet music marketing is a major struggle among many who have tried and failed repeatedly. I was one, however, I somehow persisted through until I was comfortable enough to teach about it. I’m here to briefly disclose 3 important techniques I’ve learned about online music promotion.

1) Your Fans – Your Business

A person does not like to be turned down by their idol by numerous ignored messages. The amount of messages you have not responded to over the internet, is approximately the amount of money missing from your wallet multiplied by $5, or whatever amount you sell your music or product for.

How to Distribute Your Digital Music

ipod-nanoIn the age of digital music distribution, with its endless channels and intricacies, it can be a daunting task for independent artists to try to navigate through all the requirements of each digital music distributor in order to get music tracks uploaded and ‘stocked’ in digital stores such as iTunes. Luckily, a few enterprising services have sprung up on the net to act as the aggregator and a one-stop-digital distributor-shop, thereby greatly simplifying a very complicated process. Today we will review several such services, one of which in depth, called The Bizmo.

Music Promotion

Online Digital Music Stores Offering Revenue Outlet For Indie Bands

itunes7-bluenoteOnline digital music stores have become a dominant way for independent bands to expose their projects and gain revenue to continue evolving their art.

With iTunes established as an industry leader, there are other Web sites, such as Rhapsody and Amazon, trying to be more innovative and using every angle to develop the idea. actually caters to the independent music community and offers several services to up and coming bands. is a service exclusively for  indie bands, unsigned artists and independent record labels. The company is a full service digital distribution company for anyone in the music business for a small fee.

Can any indie band, or artist submit their tracks to iTunes? Yes, Apple is essentially a record label, distributor, and retailer all in one.