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EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD: Indie Band Darling Waste Gives Away B-Sides Album


Darling Waste is giving away 19-tracks for free! The songs on For the Gloomy Guses and Negative Nancies include b-sides, live and cover tracks that the band has recorded over the years.

“We have this free album, plus a new full length [album] coming up in October,” said Lance Waste, founder and lead singer of the band. “We recorded the new studio album in england and the one we are giving away is a collection of b-sides and covers.”

TheBuzz-By: Lance Waste of Darling Waste

DarlingWasteThis week Lance Waste, the lead singer/guitarist of the band Darling Waste answered our Buzz-By questions.

Be sure to check out Darling Waste’s new LP with Yellowfish Records being released as a British import in mid-April.

KH: What are your favorite websites?

LW: I’m a big comic book nerd so I spend a lot of time on Of course I’m addicted to Twitter so I’m there a lot. We just launched and as well, so I’m on there just checking in right now. When we are on tour in the states (we are in Europe right now) we use to try to get places to say.

KH: What was the last movie you saw in theaters?