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The Narrative Debut Self-Titled Album Today

TheNarrative_DigitalCoverThe Narrative released their highly anticipated debut self-titled album today via iTunes. The band will be hosting their record release party this Thursday, July 29th at theGramercy Theatre in NYC. The group’s latest effort maintains a diversity that most bands struggle to achieve while remaining harmonious with the sound they are known and loved for. With soothing male/female dueling vocals and beautiful arrangements, this album is poised to be a 2010 favorite.

The New York based indie pop rock group is a perfect example of how sometimes things just seem to fall into place. Jesse Gabriel (guitar/vocals) met Suzie Zeldin (keyboard/vocals) for a slice of mediocre New York pizza after she responded to his 3 page long Craigslist ad. They soon learned that not only did they go to high school together, they also shared identical musical interests.

Matthew Ryan To Release Digital Album of Dear Lover

mrchi1Independent musician Matthew Ryan has announced that he will be releasing a downloadable version of his latest album, Dear Lover, on Oct. 27th.

Ryan posted a bulletin on Myspace, which included a few lyrics from the album:

#9 The World Is… (Copyright PlasticViolin 2009): “I started out with wonder, With air on my teeth, Careful what you wish for, There’s something underneath. Because the world is held together, With lies and promises, And broken hearts, And brand new days, For you to start… all over again.”