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Mixcloud: Launch Celebration of Curation Campaign

Mixcloud3DRadio31 days, 31 curators, 31 exclusive Cloudcasts.

Mixcloud is all about discovering great radio presenters and DJs, and bringing together curators from around the world to one platform where you can find the very best mixes, radio shows and podcasts at your fingertips.

As Mixcloud approach their first birthday they will be showcasing some of the biggest editorial voices around, who they have been proud and honoured to have worked alongside in the last 12 months. Categories Showcase Radio Shows and DJs launched their new “Category” pages, which feature some of the finest stations, shows and DJs (Cloudcasters) on Mixcloud across 10 music and 6 talk Categories. The new update also includes an interesting integration with Twitter and Facebook.

The Category pages are a selection of editorial picks, designed to help listeners browse through the wealth of content on Mixcloud and discover high quality shows more easily. The Categories range from indie to house to comedy. In addition to the editorial picks, the Category pages include a section for “community picks”, empowering the community on Mixcloud to choose the Cloudcasters they would like featured – an interesting model for crowdsourced editorial. New user picks will be revealed every week on Mixcloud Monday! Showcases Indie Electronic Artists From Around The World is a database, which showcases electronic music podcasts and extended live sets from world famous DJ’s. The site claims to be a Hulu type experience for electronic music fans.

The site’s creators generated an experience around this music that you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. as well as buy music, and concert tickets, according to the site. They are focused on delivering the best music listening experience on the internet.

Mugasha’s mission is to evolve into a site that helps artists grow and create a strong presence in the music industry. The site also wants fans to enjoy the music offered the way they want it.