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Why your Facebook Friends Hate You!

facebook unfriends dislike You know that Facebook page you always check in on? The one that has interesting updates, good videos, great blogs and cool pictures? You know that one that even if you don’t see an update on your main page, you will still type in that page just to check in?

Now how about this for another set of questions…you know that page you can’t stand? The one that puts up the worst stuff, over posts, has those multiple repeat posts of the same updated two to four times, spams you with show schedules, invites to groups over and over again, excess hype and other annoying updates?

And for whatever reason, you have you have not unfriended them. Whether it is being nice or feeling guilty or maybe you have unfriended them and they added you again and you accepted them. Maybe you keep them as a friend but you block them and honestly have no idea what they are up to.

Now the real question.

Which one are you?

You know those people and hopefully you aren’t one of them…The ones that brag about having this many followers, this many friends and this many connections and yet they wonder why they aren’t getting people to their shows or selling their music and merchandise?

How to Be ‘Likeable’ by Your Fans on Facebook

Facebook has become another platform for indie band’s to easily interact with fans. It’s more than just posting general information about your band. You can use it as a free marketing tool.

Interact with Your Fans

Are fans commenting on your status updates? Comment back at them… Just a few words from the band means a lot to a true music fan. Then fans will tell their friends how ‘cool’ your band is and how you get back to your fans on Facebook. The 15 – 30 minutes per day it takes to write comments can really help market your band at no cost.

Ask fans questions to help the interaction. For example, you can ask them about their day or what single they liked off of your last album. Heck, you can even ask them what movie you should go watch that night. This type of interaction is priceless to a fan. Imagine if your favorite bands did the same thing. How stoked would you be?

Independent Artists Choose to Control Your Own Online Presence and Choose the Right Path

Every now and then I will read an article that has me questioning the choices we make as artists.

This time Facebook was the topic and it was regarding a glitch in their system that was mistakenly deactivating accounts of thousands of female users. Of course, they remedied the bug. But instead of automatically reactivating the affected accounts and allowing members to sign in and go about their business as usual, they were required to fill out a form. The form required them to send an image of a “government-issued ID,” ensuring that their full name, date of birth, and photo were clear. Even after doing so, one confirmed member was still denied access (read article here).

choose your pathWTF?! The more I read about the advancement of Facebook the more I see it as an “Internet institution” opposed to a place to share images and connect with friends. Why in the hell would someone even have the balls to ask a member to issue a government-issued ID in order to sign into a $%#!*# social network account?

Myspace is a Fading Social Network for Indie Artists

News Corp. warns that Myspace is on thin ice after the lack-luster quarterly earnings were recently announced. The social network only has a few months to turn things around before the decision is made, according to Rupert Murdoch’s statement during a conference call.

”The current losses are not acceptable or sustainable,” said Chase Carey, president and chief operating officer at News Corp. “Our current management did not create these losses, but they know we have to address them.”

This obviously isn’t surprising news, and it could result in one less social platform that independent artists have to expose their projects. Currently, Myspace is the most dominant database of indie artists.

Give Your Indie Band an “Edge” on Facebook

Did you know that socializing on Facebook is actually a competition?

The social network gives active users, those who post interactive updates,  a competitive “Edge” over other members.

The content that appears as “Top News” and “Most Recent” in our news feed is there as part of calculated back-end planning by Facebook which they refer to as “Edge.”  The social network favors quality over quantity when it comes to posts. In order for fans to see your updates, you have to have that edge over other posts that are applied at that time.

How do I give my band an edge?

Indie Bands: Use Social Media to Help Sell Your Music

Your band has created a website and has applied all the content available for your fans to enjoy.  Now you’re wondering what else you can do to help sell your music. Sign up and stay active on social networks.

That’s right… Posting what you had for dinner on the road, new tour dates, posts on your blog and all the content you have actually can help sell your music. Believe it or not, that type of content is appealing to fans and interested buyers of your music.

How does this help sell music?

Manage Your Social Media Accounts in One Place with Hootsuite has made it easy to manage your social networks and keep your sanity doing it. The site offers more than just a website link shortener for users to utilize.

The Twitter focused site lets you add and update your social networks including Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Myspace and

This site has recently streamlined its interface to make it easier to use. You can now customize your streams, tabs and columns on the dashboard.