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Indie Artist George Reefah Ready to Make the Next Move

George ReefahStraight out of Canada, George Reefah is making his mark in the hip-hop music world and broadening his reach to include the dance/remix pop realm. The indie artist’s newest single “Rollin” was just released digitally in May 2010, and reached #5 on the Masterbeat charts for two weeks.

Having been apart of the hip-hop community in Toronto since early 2003, Reefah has established himself as an entrepreneur and marketer in the hip-hop industry and serves as President and Co-Founder of Freshilystic Records. Reefah considers himself a wordsmith and was influenced by groups such as Wu-Tang Clan early on.

Reefah has worked with Major Music Productions, a large Canadian production house, and has 2 mixtapes, 3 full length LP’s, 1 EP, and 4 singles under his belt. In the spirit of staying truly indie, this artist is not looking to sign a traditional label deal.