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Indie Hip Hop Artist Gates Releases New Mixtape, Free Download

gates2Independent Hip Hop Artist Gates just released a new mixtape titled CookUp Season 2. The new record features remixes and hot tracks by various artists in the music industry.

Gates is looking forward to sharing the on-stage experience with fans.

“The ultimate goal for me is to get my music out to the public in a manner when I can do tours and really get up close and personal with my fan base,” said Gates. ” I really think the greatest measure of the artist/fan relationship happens on stage.

“This is where they can get the full 360 degree experience of the music.”

Interview: TheBuzz Sits Down with Indie Rapper Gates

GatesTheBuzz had the chance to sit down with Indie artist Gates. The Virginia based rapper is working on a new album and mixtapes to be released this summer.

NP: How long have you been making music?

G: At this point, I’ve been making music longer than not.  M y first official introduction to music was “Krush Groove”  after that I was hooked.  I remember performing  a “Say No to Drugs” rap over the school loud speakers in elementary.

NP: What style or genre of music do you create?

G: As far as style I tend to make music thats has meaning, but still commercial.  The last thing I want to do is only make music that I enjoy.  You have to cater to your fan base.  You can hear alot of lyrical qualities in my music.  When people think commercial, they tend to not associate lyricism or wordplay but thats not the case.