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Do You Want To Brand Your Band’s Name Online? Google Or Bing It.

Google-bingAre you looking to promote your band on the internet? Or are you currently doing so and want to see the results? Well just search you band’s name using Google, Bing or any search engine that you prefer to use.

Looking at it from a fan’s perspective: They want to find out more about your band that they just heard on an online radio station, or read about on an indie music blog.

When I first started to brand my name online, I searched on Google and was very disappointed by the results that appeared. Only my Myspace profile showed up for me. I’m sure there are not that many Noe Pacheco’s, but the few that are out there are really trying to establish a presence for their business. Offers Web site Services For Independent Bands

ebandliveA key component to online marketing for independent bands is creating a Web site, so they can place the URL on their social networks to gain a strong online presence. offers indie bands the service to generate customized or ready made Web sites for them. The site also offers online marketing services to expose the band’s domain for their content.

All come with a subscription and integration into our content management system, site hosting and much more, according to the Web site.

Indie Artist Road Map – Tips on How to Find Useful Resources on the Web

information_highwayEver Since I started the independent artist | music journey on the web, I have been mining it for useful information and helpful resources on a daily basis to help guide me on my way. Need a great tip? Blogs are great pit stop. Want to learn form the pros? There is usually one at every at every other exit. Get lost and can’t find your way? Google it. It is a wonderful road map to take on any journey. Just be careful when you drive past page 10 of the search results. You just might lose your way… unless you’re specifically looking for back highway links to nowhere.

Anyway, what’s great about the wonderful world of the web (www) is much of the information on its pages is toll free. Blogs, Social networks Indie music, art, images, eBooks, videos tutorials, etc; many sites give away information freely, some on a daily basis. Most are great places to visit. I circle the best on my bookmark road map for regular return visits.

Social Networks Offer Services For Indie Bands

socialnetworkingIndependent bands struggle to see how much exposure they can gain online, because they have the daunting task of making sure their music is solid enough for strangers’ ears to hear their finished product.

Indie bands need to realize that they can create a market for their music before it is completed just by generating a presence utilizing social networks that are out there for them.

Bands need to look beyond Myspace and Facebook to gain the superior online presence they expect  when they use the internet.

The World Wide Web is more than what mainstream media says it is, but bands are too preoccupied with what they are told by them. The bands need to realize that there is more than Twitter that should be occupying their time.

Why Should Indie Bands Use Social Networks For Marketing?

plugolaprofileIndependent bands and unsigned bands need the most exposure as possible to gain a following, which comes with a dominant online presence.

How do I get my band’s Web site links on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines?

Create profile on solidified social networks and start-up social networks, but make sure to use your band’s name in the URL name (

Why should I use other sites, besides the major ones that are known like Myspace and Facebook?

Independent Artists And Bands Need A Web Site

url2Social networking sites have become a great tool for independent bands to market their bands, but that is all they are good for. Indie bands need to realize that they need a Web site to solidify their online presence.

Having the ability to control the content on their own domain is key when trying to manage their image and marketing. Indie artists can make their own rules and do not have to follow the regulations that social networks expect them to follow.

The other aspect is indie bands ignoring their Web sites and spending more time on content on their social network profiles. Bands should keep their content fresh such as, tour dates, photos, appearances, etc., so their fans return to view anything that is new with the band.

How Do I Advertise My Freelance Business?

urlProfessionals can not take the challenge of generating a new freelance business on too lightly. Creating a freelance business is exactly that, a “business.”

Overseeing the expansion of your business name is not as hard as you think. Marketing your name has become interactive and the internet is a great place to launch your presence.

The first thing your business should invest in is a company Web site. Producing a link to associate your name to is the best move you can do right off-the-bat.

I recommend that you create a site, because you can control the content on the site and the appearance. There are no terms or regulations that your business is subjected to. Also, you can be sure that your site is utilizing search engine optimization techniques.