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Curren$y, Damon Dash, and Hip Hop’s Warm Indie Heart

How would you like to release an album on a label with absolutely no deal in writing? Does it sound risky? Or is the real risk in this climate making a deal, and signing on the dotted line?

currensy1Take, for example, the case of Curren$y. Don’t let the dollar sign in his name fool you. This New Orleans-born emcee is hot, and he’s not the clueless commercial rapper his name implies. In fact, he’s probably learned more about the rap game over the last decade than more folks learn in their lives, and for the release of his first album, the already highly acclaimed Pilot Talk, it was no-deals no-contracts all the way.

Pilot Talk was released on July 15th through the newly-resurrected Roc-A-Fella Records label. Sort of.

Setting The Stage For Indie Hip Hop Heroes

You remember what happened with Roc-A-Fella, right? The label was started by Jay-Z and friends Damon Dash and Biggs Burke because they couldn’t find a major label willing to get behind Jay-Z (hero moment #1). Then, once they hit it big, Roc-A-Fella got bought by Def Jam (boo!), which made Jay-Z its CEO and president (boo!), and saw Dash and Burke quickly go their own way after they realized they had nothing like control of their label anymore (hero moment #2).

Indie Producer Nate Harasim Helps Create #1 Billboard Single

nate smallNate Harasim’s production for artist Steve Oliver’s “Fun in the Sun” is in its second week at #1 on the Billboard Chart.

Harasim’s production skills have been ruling the groove from behind the control panel in recent years. Currently in production and writing for Maxine Hardcastle (80s pop icon Paul Hardcastle’s daughter), it is expected that the music will propel Harasim’s notoriety into the pop, rock, house genres and beyond.

The biggest challenge this young producer has faced is the fact that his music refuses to be captured within the context of one particular genre. His recent singing to two different divisions of the same record label further adds to the mystique of this artist.

The Protégé Podcast Seeking Indie Artists for Compilation Mix Tape

Protege Podcast Mixtape Press ReleaseThe Protégé Podcast will be releasing a mix tape featuring the hottest indie artists titled “Gossiping Heifers Indie Exposure”.

The mix tape will be distributed as a free download to be distributed to the public and music industry professionals.

The preferred genre of the mix tape will be urban format (R&B, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop) with comedy commentary with the hosts of the Protégé Podcast in between the music tracks.

Indie Artist George Reefah Ready to Make the Next Move

George ReefahStraight out of Canada, George Reefah is making his mark in the hip-hop music world and broadening his reach to include the dance/remix pop realm. The indie artist’s newest single “Rollin” was just released digitally in May 2010, and reached #5 on the Masterbeat charts for two weeks.

Having been apart of the hip-hop community in Toronto since early 2003, Reefah has established himself as an entrepreneur and marketer in the hip-hop industry and serves as President and Co-Founder of Freshilystic Records. Reefah considers himself a wordsmith and was influenced by groups such as Wu-Tang Clan early on.

Reefah has worked with Major Music Productions, a large Canadian production house, and has 2 mixtapes, 3 full length LP’s, 1 EP, and 4 singles under his belt. In the spirit of staying truly indie, this artist is not looking to sign a traditional label deal.

Introducing Indie Artist Sariah, Promo Video for “Deep N’ Luv”

SariahSariah’s royal bloodlines can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth, Nefertiti and Princess Superstar. Sariah’s story begins when she fled the court of her native land at the age of 16 and stowed away in the cargo of a Club cruise-liner. After befriending the crew and learning the ways of club life, Sariah stepped courageously onto the docks of Manhattan’s steaming, gritty urban club scene.

The indie artist joined a hip-hop dance troop, honed her stunning voice and studied choreography by candlelight in her basement room. Belting out fresh and experienced lyrics, she began to pop & lock her way to the top of the pile. Soon, sharing the stage wasn’t enough.

Today she is an urban pop empress, serving up gem-encrusted beats to dancing girls, pretty boys, hip-hop heads, and street elite.

“It’s always been about the performance,” Sariah explained. “That’s what got me into music in the first place.

This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
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At UrbanMusicDaily.Net, we strive to be a distinct leader in the pursuit of excellence. With dedicated staff around the clock to provide everyone with fresh sounds each day, we at UMD believe the sky is the limit. While we cover a variety of music including R&B, Hip-Hop , DanceHall/Reggae, we proudly specialize in urban sounds.

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Sell Rap Beats

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