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The Yule Logs Sophmore Album Out Now

The world’s greatest Christmas and Hanukkah Rock ‘n Roll band, The Yule Logs’ sophomore album,Walked With A Reindeer is available for purchase. Whether you have seen them playing the local community center, elementary school or dive bar, The Yule Logs’ holiday enthusiasm is truly contagious.

Walked With A Reindeer is chock-full of the pop punch/tongue-in-cheek attitude that has made The Yule Logs an eggnog-chugging holiday free-for-all. Fans still dancing the “Hanukkah Mambo” and humming “Christmas Is Lonely When You’re A Jew”, from their previous album, will be fast to add these 13 smokin’ hot cuts to their holiday lexicon.

Hark to the Buzz!

Happy holidays, everybody!


Click on the album cover to download or stream Hark to the Buzz! this year’s BEST indie holiday album!

Hark to the Buzz

It’s a big month for Gighive. We launched our indie music directory on the 7th, and we’ve also been working on putting together our first playlist, Hark to the Buzz! Indie artists from around the world have submitted their holiday songs for this festive compilation showcase, and the entries have been AMAZING!

Feature Interview: Holiday Interview From Nick of Friggin Fabulous Radio

FigginFabulousRadioQ) Tell us a little bit about your Friggin Fabulous Radio. What initially inspired you to start it?

A) I started Friggin Fabulous Radio in 2002 when I was working at an NYC news radio station. I used to be a Rock DJ at WHTG, FM106.3 in Asbury Park, NJ and I really missed it! Through Friggin Fabulous Radio I get to interview really talented artists and bands and play some of their music. Several of the bands I’ve interviewed are clients of Cyber PR/Ariel Publicity.

Q) What characteristics make a great holiday song?