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Why Google Music Store Can’t Launch with Only Indie Labels & Artists

Google music has finally launched, but they are delaying the launch of the music store. The company is waiting for major labels to sign on. Why can’t Google launch the store with only independent artists that have signed on?

There are plenty of unsigned and indie artists who are worthy of their service, but mainstream is still the money-maker for any new service. Here’s why…

Indie Artists: Connecting with New Fans is Key

“I’ll quit my job, we’ll head out west” are lyrics Howard Jennings wrote in his song “Around the World.” These lyrics are actually taken quite literally by Howard, who took the chance of a lifetime and entered the music industry.

I normally don’t feel short at concerts, but standing next to a red-headed giant of a man, Howard sure made me feel four feet tall. I was at IOTA in Arlington, VA – outside of Washington D.C., to see the Damnwells on tour to promote their new album. I was checking out shirts at the merch table in the back, when I noticed Howard who seemed nervous, but anxious and was setting up merchandise for himself and the other artists he was touring with.

New Media Pioneer: Colin Rink of Dylan for Virgins Podcast

Dylan For Virgins is a regular DIY music podcast which reviews the works of independent artists. Each episode we feature one song of the independent artist reviewed and provide helpful tips and tricks of the music industry that work for all performers in all genres. Aside from the music business, we also tell stories that have helped us as musicians in performances all around North America, and fascinating musical stories from great musical legends; from Bob Dylan, to Jimi Hendrix.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into music, as well as the other creative hobbies you have?

New Media Pioneer: Michael Moss of Post It Cast

1. What was the inspiration behind starting the Post It Cast?

As someone who is constantly following and learning about things old and new, I was commonly asked why I didn’t make more of these things that I came across available to share with others. With that motivation and extraverted personality was the direct motivation to start up The Post It Cast and expand it in terms with a podcast,video,blog,Twitter, And Facebook Groups/Social Network to expand the show beyond just the Podcast.

2. Do you have one show that you’ve done that you think is better than all the others?

Use UStream to Help Market Your Indie Band

UStream is a cost efficient tool for independent bands and artists to give more than expected to their fans. From impromptu concerts, to exposing a new single or just looking to receive feedback about a track you’re working on, UStream is a great outlet for bands to just simply market themselves.

Why not give your fans the ability to watch you play an acoustic set while they eat lunch? Alex Dezen of The Damnwells actually pulled this off. I don’t know if it’s been done before, but what a great idea. Dezen let fans know about the concert via Facebook and Twitter about 30-minutes before he went live. Fans were quick to respond and log in to their UStream accounts to enjoy the free show. He responded to the live chat and took requests from those who participated.

New Media Pioneer: Tony Peters of Icon Fetch

Veteran DJ Tony Peters has been interviewing musicians for over 20 years. His official site,, has become a great resource for info on the Legends of Music: album reviews, concert dates, CD release dates and more.

1. Where do you get all of your live music information that you put on your calendar?

Concert dates come from artists’ personal websites and, where I have an affiliate account.

2. Where do you get your “This Day In History” information?

Use to Create Your Next Album is taking crowdsourcing to a new level to help independent artists create music. The platform offers a record store for artists to have their physical (vinyl records for now) album available for fans.

Hifidelics gives music fans (members of the site) the experience to see the progression of creating a record. They will be updated with blog posts, videos and photos. This gives fans the opportunity to give feedback about the on-going results. The site hopes to give fans what they want to hear from their favorite artists.

The website is determined to give fans quality results. From the production of the album to the packaging that is wrapped around it, Hifidelics is focusing on excellent presentation of the product.