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Content tagged with Independent Artists Offers Music Streaming Platform that Promotes Independent Artists

Have you been looking for a site that offers Pandora-like features with advanced promotional tools that benefits independent artists? is the site you are searching for.

GrooveShark provides a user-friendly platform for both music fans and artists. Fans can easily search for bands, view popular music on the site and search for artists under their favorite music category. The site offers an array of genres such as classical, rock, rap and electronica. Music fans are able to:

The Downfall of Myspace Will Give Independent Artists One Less Marketing Outlet

The recent news about Myspace is affecting the user experience. We view social media profiles to discover news and updates about independent artists. We have run into artist’s Myspace profiles that have either been deleted, have broken links or have “error” messages.

Recently, we have had negative experiences when we try to even get into Myspace.  Freezing occurs when we try to navigate through Myspace using Firefox. We are now having the same issue with Google’s Chrome.

With the layoff of 500 employees, News Corp. is trying to find a new buyer for the site. Myspace Music is obviously suffering because of their recent decisions.

Have You Thought About Investing in Independent Artists?

With common investment opportunities considered questionable moves these days, why not add the indie music industry to your portfolio?

Major labels can offer limited contracts to bands and fulfill their dream of being the next big thing. Actual profit numbers have said to be minimal. The costs of practice space, studio time, producing, mixing, etc., have been taking from artist’s payouts from the labels.

Home studios offer more affordable producing and mixing services and can provide greater profits for those involved.

Indie Artist Matt Lowell Set to Release Album in Spring, Plays NYC Shows

In support of his upcoming release, Matt Lowell will be playing Mercury Lounge on Jan. 8 and The Knitting Factory Brooklyn on Jan. 11.

Lowell will be showing off his new sound with songs from his soon to be released EP, co-written with Dead Oceans Recording artist John Vanderslice and produced by Joel Hamilton (Black Keys, Matisyahu, Sparklehorse) and John Davis. Lowell’s live band will be featured, including Joe Tomino on drums, from Matisyahu and Dub Trio, and John Davis on Bass, from JoJo Nayers NERVE.

Having been in the New York music scene for a while, the independent artist is looking forward for what the New Year has in store. After graduating Berklee College of Music and having two EP’s under his belt, there is no question this will be a highly anticipated release for 2011.