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No One Knows About Persian Cats

Journey into Tehran’s independent underground.

nooneknowsaboutpersiancatsIn his recent film, No One Knows About Persian Cats, director Bahman Ghobadi shows us a very different side of the independent music scene, one unfolding in modern Tehran under a strict and repressive government.

Near the beginning of the film, one of the main characters, a struggling musician, laments, “Here you can’t do anything. In this country, you don’t have a chance.” Sound familiar? In the Iranian capital, it is governmental control, rather than monopolistic labels and corporations, that keeps non-traditional music underground. Still, the similarities to the music scene in the western world are uncanny.

Currents of Oppression

This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
Urban Music Daily

At UrbanMusicDaily.Net, we strive to be a distinct leader in the pursuit of excellence. With dedicated staff around the clock to provide everyone with fresh sounds each day, we at UMD believe the sky is the limit. While we cover a variety of music including R&B, Hip-Hop , DanceHall/Reggae, we proudly specialize in urban sounds.

Featured Podcast:
The Justin Wayne Show

Feature Interview: Joel Michalec of the Behind The Mike Show

BTM-Logo-300pxThe Radio Talk Show About…Whatever! The WBTM Internet Radio Network is a collective of ideas that formed to bring original talk programming to the Internet. The network began as a single talk show podcast, Behind The Mike, and grew to the current setup of three shows and a network of quality affiliates. WBTM also airs the best selections of the 70s and 80s and is PROUD to air the very best independent music from around the globe.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) The Behind The Mike Show was born out of the love I had for talk radio and old time radio programs; mixed with 23 years as a professional mobile Disc Jockey. I formed the show in 2006 and in 2008 we launched the WBTM Radio Network which features 80s pop and independent music.

Q) Why do you believe new media resources (i.e. blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations) have become so popular? How have they been beneficial to artists? How have they been detrimental?

Celebrate Record Store Day April 17th

megastoreWhat comes to mind when you think of record stores? A huge, impersonal megamart, reeking of the latest in  warehouse infrastructure textiles, and crammed with billions of albums that do nothing but repeat a endless litany of top-40 hit factory crap?

Or do you think of a shop, vinyl and poster paper, exposed brick, eccentric section headings, cute clerks whose dense musical knowledge and tattoos are simultaneously intimidating and alluring, and more, discoveries, rarities, imports, singles, limited issues, shit that’s so old it’s new again, and new shit that instantly, instantly restores your faith in humanity. Music.

When we’re cheering the downfall of the plasticized, genericized, monster-sized major label and its megamarts, it’s easy to forget about this second kind of record store. Which is at least part of the reason why, since 2008, the third Saturday of April has been marked to celebrate Record Store Day. This year, that day falls on April 17th. Mark your calendars!

recordshopCarpe Diem!

In the U.S. there are over 700 independent record stores. Whether this sounds like an amazingly big number, or a depressingly small one, it represents a long history of people who have always supported independent music, stuck behind local artists, and turned the quest for finding new, meaningful sounds into an artform all its own.

Former Dispatch Founder Pete Francis Launches New Web site, Releases New Album

PeteFrancis_TMWAI_PR_031910Indie artist, Pete Francis, has launched his new Web site featuring tour dates, lyrics and music. On his site, Pete offers the first single “Glue” for free download.

The New York City based singer-songwriter is set to release his new album The Movie We Are In on May 18. Pete decided that a new approach was key for his next record. Instead of his usual self-produced style of album making, he uprooted his life and assembled an entirely new crew with in Los Angeles with producer Jeff Trott (right hand man to Sheryl Crow as writer and guitarist).

Francis said, “I wanted to bring a modern element into my music. When first speaking with Jeff Trott, I quickly realized he had great musical instincts and that he was getting me and he brought ideas to the table that I hadn’t imagined.”

Interview: Jeff “Classic” Popka – Indie on Air! Host

IndieOnAirLogoIndie on Air! & Music in Action w/ host “Classic”

The Voice of Independent Music featuring industry professionals & great indie music.
Indie on Air! broadcasts live every Friday 12:30pm CST from Chicago via the BlogTalkRadio platform
Music in Action broadcasts live every other Wednesday 2:00pm CST from Chicago via the BlogTalkRadio platform
Both shows are available 24/7 as an archive immediately following the live broadcasts.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your Internet radio show. What inspired you to start it?

New Media Pioneer: Rodrigo De Sa of the Cowyboy Cantor Podcast

CowboyCantorCowboy Cantor is a podcast run by a Portuguese music teacher. Its the only podcast around the island of S. Miguel, in the Azores islands, Portugal. The show’s aim is to share the greatest free mp3s found on the Internet, in the artist’s own sites, their label sites, or in many other mp3 sites that offer free music. It’s all done with love and in the name of independent music.

Q) What can artists do to make money on the internet?

A) A lot of different things have been happening on the Internet with music. From stores with d.r.m. files, to free music. From the Creative Commons to pay what you want. From file sharing on chats to illegal peer to peer clients. Everyday we meet new ways of promoting music and selling it. It is fact, legal or illegal, Internet is the most effective way of getting an artist to be known. Labels and artists should keep that in mind and work with it. F.M. and A.M. radios, television, newspapers and magazines still have a word to say on this process, but Internet is vital these days for music promotion.

Hark to the Buzz!

Happy holidays, everybody!


Click on the album cover to download or stream Hark to the Buzz! this year’s BEST indie holiday album!

Hark to the Buzz

It’s a big month for Gighive. We launched our indie music directory on the 7th, and we’ve also been working on putting together our first playlist, Hark to the Buzz! Indie artists from around the world have submitted their holiday songs for this festive compilation showcase, and the entries have been AMAZING!