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This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
Urban Music Daily

At UrbanMusicDaily.Net, we strive to be a distinct leader in the pursuit of excellence. With dedicated staff around the clock to provide everyone with fresh sounds each day, we at UMD believe the sky is the limit. While we cover a variety of music including R&B, Hip-Hop , DanceHall/Reggae, we proudly specialize in urban sounds.

Featured Podcast:
The Justin Wayne Show

The Buzz’s Top 9 Indie Music Albums of 2009

buzz1200The independent albums that I chose have shown a new musical direction. The albums contain originality in arragements and sound, helping to redefine the current music landscape. The list includes unsigned and indie band’s albums/EP’s that are signed to labels.

The indie movement and community needs to keep regenerating. The music is out there, but we just need to keep building an indie music community to help expose these artists to the masses.

The list of indie artists’ albums are not in any particular order.