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What is Music Xray Doing for Indie Artists?

If your goal is to sign with a major label, get music licensing deals or try to receive a production contract then Music Xray is an outlet that can help you.

Since officially launching in January of this year, Music Xray has helped artists get their music licensed on CBS, get signed to record deals, production deals and more. Be sure to check the success stories section of the site for a few of the deals we hear about.

Music Xray does not pre-screen your music. You submit directly to the professionals listed on the site. You are guaranteed that they listen and you receive confirmation when they do. Music Xray does not take a cut of your deals.

Independent Artists Choose to Control Your Own Online Presence and Choose the Right Path

Every now and then I will read an article that has me questioning the choices we make as artists.

This time Facebook was the topic and it was regarding a glitch in their system that was mistakenly deactivating accounts of thousands of female users. Of course, they remedied the bug. But instead of automatically reactivating the affected accounts and allowing members to sign in and go about their business as usual, they were required to fill out a form. The form required them to send an image of a “government-issued ID,” ensuring that their full name, date of birth, and photo were clear. Even after doing so, one confirmed member was still denied access (read article here).

choose your pathWTF?! The more I read about the advancement of Facebook the more I see it as an “Internet institution” opposed to a place to share images and connect with friends. Why in the hell would someone even have the balls to ask a member to issue a government-issued ID in order to sign into a $%#!*# social network account?

Are Independent Music Artists Gradually Becoming Dependent Music Artists?

As more indie artists gravitate toward new web services in mass, I often wonder about the individualism of the independent artist movement and where it will eventually end up.

dependent artist-unemployment lineWith new web services springing up to cater to the needs of artists by the day, it is becoming less practical for artists to spend money to update and maintain a personal web page. Nowadays with many budgets running tight, I can understand why many artists are cutting costs by signing up for a new web service instead.

To my dismay, the band | artist website is fast becoming an afterthought instead of the standard prerequisite. The ones I do find are often abandoned, rarely updated or left for dead in some obscure corner of the internet. Most just provide links to other popular web services on the net where they can be found as members.

So, why I am concerned? Web services that cater to Independent Artists should be great news!

For starters, here is a clipping form an article I read recently

The Issue Over Majors Having Stakes In The Independent Scene

major_musicI recently read an article on the issues independent’s artist are having with the major labels carrying equity stake in Spotify. Ever since the story broke, the discussion has shifted towards artist compensation problems. It seems all artist are not equal and few would argue that the earnings they do receive are hefty.

It went on to explain that the problem isn’t unique to Spotify and the majors are still are a huge and critical supplier of content and blah, blah, blah…

Let me say this loud and clear. ALL ARTISTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL AND THE MAJORS PLAYERS (LABELS) STILL HAVE THE UPPER HAND. Like it or not, majors labels still carry serious firepower when it comes to content. Their artist’s presence is still heavily favored on most of the popular networks. And as always, somewhere buried underneath them are the independents.

So what does mean for the to the independent artist, label, or anyone attempting to make money in this new environment of abundance and freemium models? Well, we can continue to discuss it, hate on the major labels while still playing by somebody else rules, or we can personally start changing the game.