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L.A.-based director Cutter Hodierne on the making of his Sundance Film Festival debut

Fishing without Nets

Somali modern day piratesA few years ago, stories about modern-day pirates terrorizing the waters off the Somali coast started to emerge, and eventually it led to a small media frenzy. In 2008, the world watched as rescue measures were taken to save kidnapped French couple Bernadette and Jean-Yves Delanne, who were abducted by pirates while sailing home from Australia aboard their yacht, the Carre d’As. Eventually, French Special Forces freed the couple in an operation that left a pirate dead, and six more arrested. Although this happened several thousand miles away from the Californian coast, for Los Angeles based director Cutter Hodierne, the story hit close to home.

Just before he was born, Hodierne’s parents sold everything that they owned and bought a 32-foot cutter-rigged sailboat; Cutter spent the first three years of his life sailing the South Pacific Ocean. At the time, the area was one of the first and only places one would hear about modern-day pirate activity. When reminded of the French couple, Hodierne says, “That could’ve been us.” Over twenty years later, the early memories would lay down the groundwork in what would become the short-film that introduces Sundance to Cutter Hodierne.

Indie Artist Sam Means’ “Yeah Yeah” Featured in AT&T commercial

If you’ve been in proximity of a television during American Idol, SNL, Conan, or the Superbowl the mellow folk-pop of Sam Means’ “Yeah Yeah” has tickled your eardrums.

“Yeah Yeah” is currently being featured in a 30-second commercial by AT&T, as beautiful orange flowers sprout across cities, towns and countryside.  “Coverage is a beautiful thing” declares the spot.

And indeed, it has been for Means – with downloads skyrocketing since the ad’s airing, and the track serving as a postcard to fans of Sam’s much beloved but now-defunct duo The Format.

Indie Film: Golden Days DVD Release Show

goldendaysflyerThe long awaited release of a documentary following independent band, The Damnwells, is finally seeing the light of the day at the Music Hall of Williamsburg next Friday, August 28th.

“Many of you have been asking about this documentary for some time,” the band said in a Myspace blog post. “We are happy to announce it is finally here!”

The indie band will also be performing with Dawn Landes as part of the release show.

The DVD, that was directed and edited by Chris Suchorsky and produced by Alex Dezen, Wes Kidd and Chris Suchorsky, will be available for sale during the show.

The film follows The Damnwells through a triumph major label signing with Epic, but shows that dark side of the music industry when they are dropped just as easily as they were picked up.