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Melanie Edwards – Musical Scientist – Gets ‘Back to Basics’ on New Album

Having spent the summer writing and recording in Finland, NYC-based musician Melanie Edwards recently returned home with a brand new album in hand. Her third solo album, entitled “Back to Basics”, was released on October 2nd and offers a classically-inspired sound with an array of dynamic musical arrangement and a quaintly authentic tone. Edwards defines herself as a musical scientist, combining two different worlds to forge something that comes together as a whole. Personally, whenever I hear the words ‘music’ and ‘science’ together in the same sentence, I immediately think either paradox or contradiction; however, the two don’t necessarily have to live apart.

Melanie Edwards - the music scientist

These days, we often dissociate the soulful from the cerebral, but, as Edwards points out, it hasn’t always been this way. “Art relies on intuition and emotion,” she says. “Science toys with data and facts. But they are both inventive and curious. Look at Amelia Earhart: a writer and an aviator. Leonardo Da Vinci was a mathematician, scientist, painter and architect. As a musical scientist, I’m acting as a channel between the binary. I think art and science are best friends, but can get on each other’s nerves. We all wrestle with collective and individual duality, because paradox is a human condition, but there can be a beautiful balance, between the binary; it’s magic.”

Coeur de Pirate The French-Canadian Singer Songwriter takes her newest album on the road

Coeur de Pirate to Play Four U.S. Shows

Béatrice Martin Coeur de Pirate Béatrice Martin will be bringing her Coeur de Pirate project to the Northeastern United States for four dates this January. Despite her performing in French, the award-winning French-Canadian singer’s fan base has been expanding internationally to English-speaking audiences thanks to her rich and highly expressive, yet accessible songwriting. On several occasions, Canada’s CBC ‘Bucky Awards’ have proclaimed Coeur de Pirate as the ‘Best Reason to Learn French’. She has been certified Platinum in Canada and Belgium, Triple Platinum in France, and Gold in Switzerland.

On her 2011 sophomore album entitled Blonde (referring not only to her hair color, but also to the French-Canadian slang term for girlfriend), Coeur de Pirate melancholic-ally evokes a sixties sound and style, and does so with impressive maturity given her twenty-two years of age.

Indie Musician Tucker Finn Releases New Album

Independent artist Tucker Finn releases her emotionally riveting debut solo album, The Cup & The Lip via Jane Wayne Records today.

Formatted as a two-act play, The Cup & The Lip follows its elusive protagonist through a series of small-scale dramas. Our hero rides a ten-speed through damp city streets and bonds with a bust of Elvis, catapults a car skyward and sets fire to a past life. In the final scenes, this underdog adventurer lies face-up on the table, chest cracked open to bare a cold paper heart.

Finn’s songs have been described as “three minute movies that you don’t want to miss”; no surprise given her background as a feature film set designer and graphic novelist (Baz Luhrmann’s, Romeo and Juliet and Can of Worms, Fantagraphics Books). While her cinematic style may land her, partly, in the Americana camp, her richly embroidered tunes and fresh production also resonate with twenty-somethings who crave smart, insightful lyrics.

Indie Musician John Mark McMillan Draws Inspiration from Above

JMM_PR1Southern gospel rocker, John Mark McMillan, is singing his heart out for audiences across the country. McMillan said he makes music for human beings and God to listen to.

Based out of North Carolina, McMillan has been playing guitar since he was a teenager. He admits that his original motive for playing was to impress girls. Some of his musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and Wilco. The singer/songwriter honed his skills in the fall of 2001 while strumming on his porch for hours on end.

Introducing Indie Musician Chad Hollister

ChadHollisterChad Hollister has opened for Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Tom Petty, and in the fall of 2009 he released Chad Hollister, his fourth CD. The self-titled disc was produced by Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Collective Soul, Shawn Mullins).

Hollister’s musical style shines original with his percussive background. His personal lyrics are appreciative of a life on Mother Earth and his music is “pure sonic alchemy,” according to Resta.

In addition to opening for Dylan, Simon and Petty, Chad Hollister has shared the stage with Warren Haynes (The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule), every PHISH member, Merl Saunders and Dave Mattacks (Jethro Tull, Paul McCartney, Fairport Convention).

The indie musician is on the rise, with “Grow,” a song from his Chad Hollister disc, having gotten midway up New Music Weekly magazine’s AC/Hot AC chart soon after its release.

Jack Prybylski Takes the Music “Out of the Box” with New Release

jackprybylskiWhat do you get when you combine elements of trance, steeped in a generous underlayment of rhythm with a heat-infused saxophone that is masterfully caressed by one very bad cat? You get a pass on a very trippy vibe that some might say is Out of the Box.

Produced by Four 80 East (one of the hottest bands that has existed to defy all the rules), Out of the Box (Innervision Records) is the third solo release by saxophonist Jack Prybylski. Prybylski initially caught the ear of radio with his sophomore release, Window Shopping, by garnering national praise from critics for his smooth melodic style.

“Jacks instantly appealing music and strong sound make Window Shopping one of the best independent releases this year,” declared Smooth Jazz News.