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5 updates independent music artists should consider on their websites

I spend a great deal of my time on the unexplored highways of the web searching for and visiting artist’s music websites. Sometimes during the week, I might visit hundreds in a single day. It is just part of what I do here at Gighive.

internet highway

internet highway

So you can say, I maybe more of an authority on exploring the web for new and interesting artists than most who only travel the major interstates from one major city to the next. I for one think life is more interesting on the lanes less traveled than hitting the 6 to 8 lane congested highways.

So I decided to write a report on my findings and give the locals some tips on how to improve there site experience so visitors will return more often. Note* there are always exceptions to the rules!

Tip 1 – Ancient website design and web 1.0 type styling.

Old towns may have a certain charm with their rich heritage and unique architecture, but in my opinion do not translate in the online world.

There is no charm in blinking stars, colorful jpegs, animated gifs and flashing links; coupled with a confusing link structure all on the same page.

New Media Pioneer: Joel Gaines of the Joel Gaines Show and Internet Radio Magazine

Internet Radio MagazineInternet Radio Magazine reports on trends happening online in the Internet Radio space. They feature an artist every week.

Q) How long have you been broadcasting/blogging?

A) I was a political blogger for 8 years before I became a broadcaster. We’ve been broadcasting The Joel Gaines Show for just over a year. Because of our experience with Ariel Publicity and the artists we’ve interacted with, we have decided to revitalize Internet Radio Magazine dot com as a more music-based property.

Internet Music Marketing – 3 Powerful Techniques Briefly Outlined & Explained

Music MarketingInternet music marketing is a major struggle among many who have tried and failed repeatedly. I was one, however, I somehow persisted through until I was comfortable enough to teach about it. I’m here to briefly disclose 3 important techniques I’ve learned about online music promotion.

1) Your Fans – Your Business

A person does not like to be turned down by their idol by numerous ignored messages. The amount of messages you have not responded to over the internet, is approximately the amount of money missing from your wallet multiplied by $5, or whatever amount you sell your music or product for.

Sell Rap Beats

lansonic-modIt is very possible to sell your beats online and make money from your hard work. There a quite a few people who believe making money online selling their beats is not possible and I want to offer some clarification as to the possibility of making money with your beats. Since we are in the internet age selling rap beats is much easier than it has ever been in the history of the music industry. The internet has made it possible for you to make a lot of money without being ‘signed’ as a producer on any label.

In the past in order to make money from your rap beats you would need to be signed to a label and work with the artist on that label or you would have to network continuously with rappers and upcoming artists so you could provide tracks for them. The internet has eliminated the need for all of that by giving you the ability to put your music in front of people that are searching for rap beats. The phrase rap beats is searched over three hundred thousand times a month and ‘beats’ is searched over five million times a month. These searches represent potential customers for your services.

Internet Songwriting

EmailBefore the days of internet – becoming a successful songwriter depended on a whole different set of factors. For example, as a non-performing songwriter, you would have needed to go out and find an artist or band willing to record your song, or have a music publisher get a cover for you.

As a performing artist, you would at least have had a vehicle for your songs subject of course to whether you or your band had a record deal.

A great deal of the “ifs and buts” of success would have depended not just on the commercial potential of your song, but on who was out there promoting for you, and how much marketing power your music publisher or record company (if you were an artist), had. Of course, much of that still applies today. So why has the internet had such an enormous impact on song writing, commercial recordings and tons of other commodities? I can tell you. Two things: digital, and distribution.

Third Eye Blind Finds Their Identity Becoming Indie

3ebThird Eye Blind had their time in the mainstream spotlight, but wanted to continue to make music. Embracing all the internet, music industry and technological resources that have been able to brand their name once again.

What do you do when you feel like your business has lost its identity?

Members of the band “Third Eye Blind” know that situation all too well. After years in the mainstream, they took back control of their brand by going independent.

Check out the video feature on MSNBC here.

A Musicians Guide To Building Community On The Internet

MyspaceMusicPlayerIn continuing with my exploration into the broad question of how the Internet has changed the playing field for musicians, I turned to my old friend Howie Kleinberg Senior VP of ElectricArtists.

Although ElectricArtists started out exclusively as a music marketing firm, their deep knowledge of the culture of the Internet allowed them to handle all types of campaigns, from films and TV to books, DVDs and magazines. Their main specialty is building communities on the Internet.

Q: How has the Internet shifted the playing field for musicians? Jam With Other Musicians Over The Internet?

musicianlink_logoIf you thought playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero over Xbox Live and Playstation’s network was cool, then  jamLink  will blow you away! JamLink allows musicians to do the same thing, but with actual instruments.

Technology has now provided us with a product that allows musicians to practice with their band members, collaborate with other artists, or even audition over the Internet.

I know getting the whole band together can be a hassle in itself, so having such an innovative tool is pretty cool.