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BandCentral: Changing the Way Artists Take Control of their Careers

BandCentral V2 launch officially launched today, offering bands a suite of essential tools that will enable them to take control of their music careers. With BandCentral, artists, managers and labels can organize all the vital business aspects of band life – everything from tours and fan databases, to merchandise and money – enabling them to develop and sustain successful careers.

BandCentral is already being used by thousands of bands, labels and managers, worldwide and changing the way they work for the better.

“There’s real potential here for BandCentral to change the way artists take control of their careers, and I’m certainly keen to see how labels and artists get to grips with it,” said Darren Hemmings, Digital Marketing Manager at PIAS.

Scam Artists Take Advantage of Independent Musicians Who Utilize Social Networks


Independent musicians who try to find managers, booking agents, and publicists through Myspace, Facebook, and other social networks, need to be aware of people who will approach the band to try and take advantage of them.

The person who is promising promotion and shows could ultimately be a scam artist who just wants the artists’ money. The scammer more than likely used to work for a major label.

“The labels have been cutting staff for a few years, and a lot of those people are now on the street working freelance as “agents,” “A&R consultants,” “managers,” and other job titles,” stated Robert Arthur, who is the Business Manager for the indie band Northern Room.

Usually, the scam artist approaches a band through messaging them on their social network pages. The scammer then promises what the musicians want to hear. They say that they worked for a major label company to gain the trust of the musicians.

“Just because someone once worked at Universal records does not mean they are legitimate,” said Arthur. We get several shady inquiries per week from people like that.”