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Introducing Independent A Capella Group Duwende

Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) is a six-person a cappella band best know for their fiercely original, bass-and-beatbox-driven funk/pop style of music. They will be releasing their Michael Jackson tribute album, Remember, this Spring 2011, full of their favorite MJ masterpieces.

Duwende consists of J.Aaron Boykin (Baritone/Tenor), Derrick L. Hicks (Tenor), Abbey Janes (Soprano), Neal Mortimer (Tenor), Edward Chung (Vocal Percussion), and Ari Picker (Bass). Each member adds their own characteristics and talent to the group, giving them the “a cappella” creditability along with the “band” persona.

The New York-based band made its mark with shows in traditional rock clubs and venues, but they’ve also appeared at music festivals, colleges, and special events all around the country.

Michael Jackson – Lessons independent artists should take from the King of Pop

billiejeanWe all know Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer to ever grace the stage. There is no questioning the contributions, gifts and magic Jackson gave millions of fans around the world. Love him, or hate him, he captured the imagination and we stood at his attention.

Jackson, the “Music Icon”: We will always celebrate his life, art and music, but what about the man…the man behind the music, behind the celebrity, behind the mirror. When we talk about Michael, we typically fixate on the myth associated with the person. Coming from another perspective, minus the hype, I am a fan for more atypical reasons and because of them; have been a major influence on the person I have become today and hope to become in the future.

Let me explain… Here is a quote from Michael at a very unhappy period in his life, “Even at home, I’m lonely. I sit in my room sometimes and cry. It’s so hard to make friends … I sometimes walk around the neighborhood at night, just hoping to find someone to talk to. But I just end up coming home.”

So offstage we know he was just like us and had vulnerabilities to prove it.