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FoolsFest Annual Spring Arts & Music Festival in Texas: Support the Vision

A new type of arts and music festival

Foolsfest Arts and Music FestivalMusic festivals are popular events all around the world; music and art usually manage to bring people together in a very unique way, no matter what the economic or politic situation is. In Canada, music lovers can choose amongst a variety of festivals including various Jazz Festivals, the Canadian Music Week and more. Americans can enjoy Coachella and SXSW amongst others. Europeans put together such a wide variety of music festivals each year that it’s impossible to count them. However, in the last few years many music enthusiasts have started to realize that many of those festivals are more of a marketing machine put together by big corporations rather than an event bringing people together. One of those music enthusiasts is Mark Levine, of Zeitgeist Enterprises in Houston, Texas. Levine has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years and his resume includes some of the biggest names in rock and roll.

Independent Artists Matt and Kim Release US Dates for Sidewalks Tour

Matt and Kim have set up a US tour that will kick off May 28 at the Sasquatch Music Festival and includes a performance at Bonnaroo June 10.

The official tour is dubbed, “Sidewalks,” which is the name of their recent release.

Each show will be a full night of dance debauchery and next day regrets. The independent artists will not be alone; The Thermals and DJ Autobot from Flosstradamus will be carrying the nonstop dance party through the evening and between bands.

Indie Band Lovebettie Gears Up to Release New Album

Pittsburgh’s own Lovebettie will be releasing their new EP, The Red Door, on March 1. The album was engineered and produced by legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Hoobastank, Trapt).

One of the fastest growing regional success stories on the east coast, Lovebettie has captivated audiences across the country with their sultry, blues-drenched rock fusion.

Making their first steps onto the scene in early 2005, Lovebettie began as a songwriting duo of founding members Alexandra Naples (lead vocals/piano) and C.T. Fields (guitar/vocals).

Good Jamming Etiquette Can Open Doors

guitarjamI’ve been hitting a lot of folk music festivals this summer, most of which involve a weekend of shows and usually camping near the festival grounds. But, of course, a great outdoor festival is more than that. It’s sunburnt faces and children dancing in fairy costumes, muddy feet and intimate workshops with artists, pine needle naps and mosquitoes, BBQ and cold beer and bonfire smoke, live music until one or three in the morning, and then back to the campground to jam until dawn.

For musicians, these late-night, boozy jams can be all-important. Because more than during stage performances, more than in backstage kitchen tents, this is where mettle is tested and relationships are forged. For a young artist trying to break into a local (or even national) music scene, jamming is a chance to show her quality, and get to know some of the musicians and producers and general folks-about-town that she needs to know to advance her career. Impress, make friends, and she’ll find herself becoming a part of the music scene.

If she knows her jam etiquette, that is.

Who’s Getting Rich Off Summer Music Festivals?

dayfestivalYou hear a common line from people who download ripped music online: “maybe I don’t pay for the albums, but I go to concerts, I buy the t-shirts, I support the artists I listen to.”

The sentiment is echoed in business models being pushed by the music industry itself. The summer music festival scene is exploding. The hugest multi-day concerts, like Austin City Limits and Sasquatch, are selling out months ahead of time. Old staples, like Sarah’s McLaughlin’s Lilith Fair, are being reborn, and locally-organized independent music festivals and folk festivals are springing up and growing all over the world.

And the festival model makes sense for promoters and producers. Rather than funneling time and money into a single artist, and concerts that may draw a few hundred fans, they get to run an efficient, cost-effective music Wal-mart: huge crowds all get the same decent product, relatively low cost-per-band, short sets, cattle-style herding from beer to food to port-a-potty. It all runs like a big box store for concert-goers.

Even during a recession, kids are willing to fork over the cash (as much as $300.00 for a basic ticket to a 4-day festival) to see their favorite bands and enjoy the festival experience. And some, like sunsetfestivalBonnaroo, are growing exponentially, pulling in $30 million last year alone through ticket sales and ad partnerships.

History of the SXSW Music Festival

sxsw2010_logo1The South by Southwest Music Festival has been running strong, and getting stronger, since it originated in 1987. Austin considers itself the live music capital of the world, and though cities would like to battle that claim, musicians and music industry types clamor to the capital of Texas every March from around the globe.

Austin has had an entertainment district for several decades. As the home of the state government and the University of Texas, Austin has always had lively nightspots, some of which date back to the 1800s, when many of General Custer’s troops poured into clubs after the Civil War. The majority of these clubs were located along 6th street and 4th street, where the entertainment district is still located today, and the musical styles varied widely due to the mix of Mexican, colonial and German settlers. The area today hosts the highest concentration of original music nightclubs of any other city worldwide.

10 Lesser-Known Bands Not To Miss At Sasquatch 2010

sasquatchRight this minute, people are going nuts over the recently announced lineup for this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival. In fact, according to the official Sasquatch Twitter feed, “Sasquatch 2010 lineup” is currently the most searched phrase on Google, not just in the U.S. but, like, on the planet earth.

Not a surprising response, considering the roster of indie’s best and brightest. Headlining acts will be Pavement, Massive Attack, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, My Morning Jacket, and – OMG! – Ween! From there, the lineup only gets more awesome, and predictably, more obscure.

This year might be Sasquatch’s furthest foray from anything that could be considered mainstream music. While some fans feel like they’ve just stepped into a world they usually only visit via iPod, other are left wondering, “who the hell are these bands?”

The question has far-reaching implications. How should organizers go about building a festival lineup during an era when fan-bases are becoming increasingly dispersed, and the universally-adored superstar a creature in danger of extinction? While most of the bands on the Sasquatch roster have fans all over the world, dedicated bases of local supporters are becoming increasingly rare.

Check Out Live Updates Of Sweden’s Way Out West Music Festival

way-out-west1-440x291Explore West Sweden will be providing a live blog updates on their site to keep fans up to date about the latest performances.

This weekend, Gothenburg will turn into Sweden’s Woodstock, playing host to the Way Out West – a music festival filled with rock, indie and alternative music from around the world.

The celebrations start on the night of Thursday the 13th in clubs and music venues throughout the entire city with DJ’s and live music performances. On the 14th and 15th, two outdoor stages and one indoor stage will be set up in Slottskogen, a park in the center of Gothenburg, for performances all day long.