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Internet Music Marketing – 3 Powerful Techniques Briefly Outlined & Explained

Music MarketingInternet music marketing is a major struggle among many who have tried and failed repeatedly. I was one, however, I somehow persisted through until I was comfortable enough to teach about it. I’m here to briefly disclose 3 important techniques I’ve learned about online music promotion.

1) Your Fans – Your Business

A person does not like to be turned down by their idol by numerous ignored messages. The amount of messages you have not responded to over the internet, is approximately the amount of money missing from your wallet multiplied by $5, or whatever amount you sell your music or product for.

The Silver Rule of Music Marketing

megaphoneI was approached by this guy the other day. He hollered at me from across the street. It happened at night, so I couldn’t really make out his face, but I could see that he had on a backwards baseball cap, baggy jeans and a CD in his hand.

He said, “Yo man, can I talk to you real quick?…” I thought to myself, “Oh crap. Not another numbnuts trying to sell me a CD out of his car trunk.”

By the way, if you approach your customers by saying, “Yo man…” I suggest you stop it. Like, now. It’s kind of rude if you get my drift.

So anyway, this guy asked me if I wanted to buy his album. I said “No” and went home.

Emerging Business Trends That Will Affect Your Music Career

NameTagI wrote a piece a while back about 4 emerging trends in the music industry that will affect every music artist from here on out. In this piece, I want to focus instead on some more general trends in the way we do business and interact in society today that will affect every music artist enormously. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing Christian Rock or hip hop or whatever. Everybody will be equally affected.

Massive paradigm shifts like the one we’re going through right now unleash tremendous disruptive forces. Industries fall on them. But new industries also rise on them. What we’re seeing now with the thickening web of cyberconnectivity is a tremendous paradigm shift every bit as important as that ushered in by the printing press or the Industrial Revolution. It’s here to stay.

A Musicians Guide To Building Community On The Internet

MyspaceMusicPlayerIn continuing with my exploration into the broad question of how the Internet has changed the playing field for musicians, I turned to my old friend Howie Kleinberg Senior VP of ElectricArtists.

Although ElectricArtists started out exclusively as a music marketing firm, their deep knowledge of the culture of the Internet allowed them to handle all types of campaigns, from films and TV to books, DVDs and magazines. Their main specialty is building communities on the Internet.

Q: How has the Internet shifted the playing field for musicians?

Music Marketing Promotion

keywordsThere are many ways to use the internet for music marketing and the promotion of your music. Today I want to go over a couple of ways other then MySpace and Facebook to do this. The very first thing I would like to talk about is “keywords”.

These are words that people type into search engines. The reason a lot of internet marketing fails is because people do not know how to select keywords that will align buyers with a product. Keywords such as your group name itself can be one of the many phrases you will use in order for people to find you and your music to no you exist.

You have to look for certain terms such as “Hiphop Music In Houston”, this is what they call a long tail keyword, its very specific to what is being searched for and around that term is how people will find you. Now of course this is just an example of how this is done. You will have to do your own research in order to find what applies to you.

Music Marketing – How To Rectify The Two Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes

mp3flashplayerMusic marketing is by and large difficult for most artists, that is something we need to realise. Marketing yourself, being confident to allow people to listen to your tracks and most importantly, handling criticism takes a bit of time to get used to. In the majority of cases though, marketing plans do fail. you may have a great sounding track, but if it is not marketed properly then it will just be white noise.

However all is not lost.

The main reasons why music marketing fails is that 1) there is always some money involved, and 2) we market our music.

They all sound a bit strange I know, but my plan is for you to get over these hurdles and to get your music out there without any hassle. I will take each of the above points in turn, but remember they are interlinked: