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The Mixcloud iPhone App – The World’s Best DJs in Your Pocket

The Mixcloud iPhone app brings the world’s best DJs, Podcasters and radio shows direct to your pocket. Mixcloud’s content from the best quality Cloudcasters has been available online for a while, but making this content mobile via an iPhone app. The Mixcloud beta app is free for a limited time.

It not only means that you have access to some of the hottest DJ mixes, radio shows and Podcasts on the go, but with 100s of thousands of Cloudcasts available, you can travel from Hackney to Harlem on their instantly accessible content.

New Media Pioneer: Tony Peters of Icon Fetch

Veteran DJ Tony Peters has been interviewing musicians for over 20 years. His official site,, has become a great resource for info on the Legends of Music: album reviews, concert dates, CD release dates and more.

1. Where do you get all of your live music information that you put on your calendar?

Concert dates come from artists’ personal websites and, where I have an affiliate account.

2. Where do you get your “This Day In History” information?

How to Be ‘Likeable’ by Your Fans on Facebook

Facebook has become another platform for indie band’s to easily interact with fans. It’s more than just posting general information about your band. You can use it as a free marketing tool.

Interact with Your Fans

Are fans commenting on your status updates? Comment back at them… Just a few words from the band means a lot to a true music fan. Then fans will tell their friends how ‘cool’ your band is and how you get back to your fans on Facebook. The 15 – 30 minutes per day it takes to write comments can really help market your band at no cost.

Ask fans questions to help the interaction. For example, you can ask them about their day or what single they liked off of your last album. Heck, you can even ask them what movie you should go watch that night. This type of interaction is priceless to a fan. Imagine if your favorite bands did the same thing. How stoked would you be?

Use to Create Your Next Album is taking crowdsourcing to a new level to help independent artists create music. The platform offers a record store for artists to have their physical (vinyl records for now) album available for fans.

Hifidelics gives music fans (members of the site) the experience to see the progression of creating a record. They will be updated with blog posts, videos and photos. This gives fans the opportunity to give feedback about the on-going results. The site hopes to give fans what they want to hear from their favorite artists.

The website is determined to give fans quality results. From the production of the album to the packaging that is wrapped around it, Hifidelics is focusing on excellent presentation of the product. Offers Music Streaming Platform that Promotes Independent Artists

Have you been looking for a site that offers Pandora-like features with advanced promotional tools that benefits independent artists? is the site you are searching for.

GrooveShark provides a user-friendly platform for both music fans and artists. Fans can easily search for bands, view popular music on the site and search for artists under their favorite music category. The site offers an array of genres such as classical, rock, rap and electronica. Music fans are able to:

What is Music Xray Doing for Indie Artists?

If your goal is to sign with a major label, get music licensing deals or try to receive a production contract then Music Xray is an outlet that can help you.

Since officially launching in January of this year, Music Xray has helped artists get their music licensed on CBS, get signed to record deals, production deals and more. Be sure to check the success stories section of the site for a few of the deals we hear about.

Music Xray does not pre-screen your music. You submit directly to the professionals listed on the site. You are guaranteed that they listen and you receive confirmation when they do. Music Xray does not take a cut of your deals.

Google Music Currently Shuts Out Independent Artists

Billboard recently posted details about a proposed music service currently being created by Google. The proposal outlines ways to help major label artists with its tentative format, but there is no mention of indie labels or artists.

The proposed plans are to offer a basic digital music retailer concept with a twist. The company is hoping to provide an innovative cloud-based service where consumers can have their music in a “locker” for $25 per year. Music in the “locker” could be downloaded or streamed by an internet connected gadget.

The proposal seems to be an iTunes competitor and not a game-changer like most music fans had hoped.