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Ten Tips that Every Musician Should Apply to Their Career

As the holiday season approaches, and we get in to that thing about good will to all, all those other quips about being better people for a moment-which personally, I think should go through out the whole year and not just the shopping season (sorry, holiday season), I wanted to put out a quick rant (speaking of Good Will) that I’ll call Ten Tips that Every Musician Should Apply to Their Career. These apply to both the music and business sides of he equation. Many apply to those who are not musicians but work in the music business.

musicelfHell, a few apply to anyone working in any business. So, New title: Ten Tips for Everyone Alive on the Planet.

Number 1. – Answer your emails.

Show a little respect and answer your emails. If you can’t respond at that moment, then acknowledge that you received it, let the sender know you’re backed up and when you hope to get back to them. Then, either list the email as unread, flag it, or mark a little notch in your calendar to respond to the sender when you promised. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I respond to every email. Sometimes it takes a while, but I get back to everyone I can that has a direct question or is requesting something. It is a common courtesy that I am sure you would want when you send out an email, so do the same.

Anchor & Braille To Release First Single Off Felt

abAnchor&Braille announce the first single off Felt called “Like Steps In A Dance” out July 21st via iTunes.
The full-length album is set to hit stores everywhere August 4th on WoodWater Records, Stephen Christian’s own record label, which is distributed by Universal Music.  Produced, engineered and mixed by Copeland singer Aaron Marsh and recorded over the course of four years, Felt is the first full-length for Anchor&Braille and the first release for WoodWater Records. 
“Like Steps In A Dance” is a song very near to Christian’s heart.

“I read a book by an author from South America, his words always have a way of resonating with me in the most mysterious ways,” Christian explained. “After that I started translating it into my own life.

“It all started on the phone, she had asked me to write her a song with the knowledge of the few words we ever shared,” said Christian.