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The Downfall of Myspace Will Give Independent Artists One Less Marketing Outlet

The recent news about Myspace is affecting the user experience. We view social media profiles to discover news and updates about independent artists. We have run into artist’s Myspace profiles that have either been deleted, have broken links or have “error” messages.

Recently, we have had negative experiences when we try to even get into Myspace.  Freezing occurs when we try to navigate through Myspace using Firefox. We are now having the same issue with Google’s Chrome.

With the layoff of 500 employees, News Corp. is trying to find a new buyer for the site. Myspace Music is obviously suffering because of their recent decisions.

Myspace Music Adds Tools for Indie Artists to Connect with Fans, Is it Too Late?

News Corporation’s much publicized analysis of Myspace has put the social network in crunch mode as it tries to find its niche on the Web. With Facebook dominating the user experience and its threat to move into the music industry, Myspace is struggling to keep up.

Creating a partnership with ReverbNation by adding new tools for artists to interact with fans is the latest idea to give the site an identity.

Did You Waste Money on a Customized Myspace Profile?

Unfortunately, many bands have relied on social networks to be their hub for information, instead of purchasing a website. One of the popular strategies I’ve seen is buying a URL and directing it to a customized Myspace profile.  Are you one of these cases? Well say good-bye to your layout.

Myspace has sent out an email notifying artists that their profiles will be upgraded to their new theme. All profiles will be upgraded by Nov. 29, 2010. I like how they sugar-coat it with encouraging statistics.

Over a million artists have already upgraded and seen increased engagement around song plays, video plays, photo views — all the things that are important to you. We’re now going to be upgrading ALL artists on Myspace to the new profile over the coming weeks.

Thanks for the warm notice Myspace, but what about the artists who paid to have their profiles customized? It seems like they are left out in the cold on this move.  What happens if you don’t upgrade your page?

Myspace is a Fading Social Network for Indie Artists

News Corp. warns that Myspace is on thin ice after the lack-luster quarterly earnings were recently announced. The social network only has a few months to turn things around before the decision is made, according to Rupert Murdoch’s statement during a conference call.

”The current losses are not acceptable or sustainable,” said Chase Carey, president and chief operating officer at News Corp. “Our current management did not create these losses, but they know we have to address them.”

This obviously isn’t surprising news, and it could result in one less social platform that independent artists have to expose their projects. Currently, Myspace is the most dominant database of indie artists.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts in One Place with Hootsuite has made it easy to manage your social networks and keep your sanity doing it. The site offers more than just a website link shortener for users to utilize.

The Twitter focused site lets you add and update your social networks including Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Myspace and

This site has recently streamlined its interface to make it easier to use. You can now customize your streams, tabs and columns on the dashboard.

Indie Artists Promote Each Other on

headlinerfm_logoAttention indie  bands and artists, wants to help you connect with other musicians and ultimately reach new fans and better promote your music. The website is a “promotion exchange” for bands and artists to help build awareness for each other.

Bands who sign-up on Headliner are able to join forces with and promote other bands on each other’s Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace profiles. Members are rewarded a number of “band bucks” (proportionate to how many followers they have on their social media sites) which can be used to buy requests from other bands to give your band promotion on their social media profiles.

We’re No Fakers Takes DIY To A Whole. Other. Level.

At TheBuzz, we’re dedicated to bringing you all the greatest how-tos and success stories from the indie underground, and this time, we’ve got something really special to share.

When it comes to building hype and a fanbase, indie artists have thought of everything. The independent artists’ movement has even grown to the point where musicians are rejecting major label deals in favor of independent careers. Of course, there might not be a lot of money in indie music, but what we do have is shitloads of artistic integrity.

punkrockgirlEnter We’re No Fakers

We’re No Fakers is an indie band with a plan so revolutionary, so radical, that not only has it never before been attempted, it’s bound to transform the nature of the words “artistic integrity” forever. I caught up with the Fakers lead Singer, Julia Fullia, in her parents’ basement earlier this week to get the scoop.

When I enter the house, Julia is on the couch, waiting both for her nails to dry and for the airplane glue in her fauxhawk to set. Already, I can sense that I am in the presence of a consummate professional.

RootMusic’s BandPage Makes Better Facebook Fan Pages for Bands

rootmusicName: RootMusic

Quick Pitch: RootMusic is all about making musicians’ professional lives better, be it through building software or building community.

Genius Idea: RootMusic’s debut product is called BandPage, and it makes MySpace-like band page features possible inside a Facebook fan page.

At present, Facebook fan pages are laid out in such a way that you can’t share your music with your fans while letting them continue to browse for information. You can deploy a music player tab, but as soon as your fans click on the Photos tab to see pictures of your band, the music stops.