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Networking 101 – Sound Advice

social_networkingFirst of all, I am not saying that you should go and join a “networking group” (although is a great place to do that). I’m pointing out that simply leaving your house can be looked at as a networking opportunity.

There Are 3 Reasons Why We Network

To find a direct target or a customer. For example, a fan who will buy tickets, music, or merch and support you.

To gain a sphere of influence, and therefore a source for referrals (i.e. the people who like the people who know & support your band).

Building a Touring Network for Indies

shutterstock_41928616The road can be a lonely place. As any touring musician knows, it’s tough out there. Organizing venues, covering travel expenses, staying out of trouble, and even just finding your way from town to town can be as epically fraught with challenges as a DragonForce guitar solo.

While it’s true that most musicians create more friends and good times on the road than anything else, it’s also hard, if not impossible, to do all the tour organization and planning alone without a support network. Often, indie artists never take that first step down the dusty trail because there are so many obstacles in the way, which is why singer-song writer Hans York got in touch with Jeanette Lundgren when he was planning a tour.

Jeanette runs Mother Hen Promotions, a social media management service for independent musicians. “Hans is now based out of Texas and he intends to spend all of 2010 on the road,” Jeanette says. “It was his request to me that I look at his tour schedule and analyze it for potential challenges. For example, you shouldn’t be crossing the Rockies in December. There are some areas you don’t want to travel through in winter or spring, and indie artists planning a tour need to have a sense of these things.”

Extending Your Online Networking

Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer based in Seattle,
Washington. Having worked on over three hundred albums, Loren has also
worked on numerous television, film, video game and radio productions,
from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to Seattle. Loren is also the
founder of Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC, and the author of the
Freedom Solutions Recording Plan.

How do you reach out to fans, industry professionals and everyone else on the web? Most people think the answer is a website, a MySpace account, maybe a blog, a YouTube page, a Flickr account. While these pages are necessary, many artists don’t even have these few pages, let alone all the others they need to really make an impact. It takes a lot more sites and pages to build an effective presentation and solution to reach new fans and keep the old ones hanging on.

Loren Weisman

In order to have a persistent, effective web presence, you must be listed on as many sites as absolutely possible. The information and content on these sites must be consistent and uniform, as well as properly formatted per the site’s requirements. This will give you the best results that will find you new fans, contacts and opportunities.