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Independent Artists: It’s Still About Networking and Promoting

If you’re trying to find a new band member, promote your latest release or your upcoming gig, expanding your network and promoting is the key to success. You can’t be content with your current fan base or the current venues you play in if you want to be heard.

What can you do to keep your music career moving forward?

Have an aggressive plan on social networks: Build a bond with your fans who are the core of your success on Facebook or Twitter. Let them know day-to-day events or ask them where they would like to see you play. The time you spend online can go along way with music fans.

Are you soliciting yourself to booking agents, clubs, talent buyers?

Are you soliciting yourself to booking agents, clubs, talent buyers or whoever is hiring you or your band in the best way?

email inboxConnecting, contacting and networking is a large piece in getting your name out there, gaining representation or booking gigs in the music business. In the last 10 years alone we have shifted from those big promo packets that used to have to go out to emails and today even download cards the size of credit cards thats can hold all the information needed to book or hire a band all in the palm of your hand.

Although certain aspects of reaching out have become worlds easier with emailing and the internet in the last decade, it has also become that much easier for so many others as well. It comes down to not just standing out but delivering and getting your point across in the best way as fast as you can and make the best impression possible.

Here the the couple key make sure you do and make sure you don’t points:

1. Make sure you include an opening that is individualized. Make the note to that club, to the contact person and give it a sense that it personalized.