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New Media Interview: Autumn Fedoruk Of Hummingbyrd Sings

HummingByrdLogo copyQ: Tell us a little bit about your blog. What inspired you to start it?

I have been toying with the idea behind Hummingbyrd Sings for a while: namely, creating a place where the independent artistic community can come together, engage with one another and share ideas that will improve their experiences as artists.

The very nature of ‘independent’ means being on the cutting edge of an ever-changing arena. That means bands need to create a story – a brand – in order to build a following. It’s no longer enough to say, “I’m Indie” and think that’s it. Indie is breaking the mold. If the industry is changing, Indie artists should be at the forefront blazing the trail to take the industry to the next level.

New Media Pioneer: Adrienne Manson of WSF Radio

WSFLogoQ. What are your favorite blogs/audio blogs featuring new music do you like to visit?

A. Believe it or not I love Blog Catalogue is a directory of just about every blog mentionable.. I usually go to the music section of blog catalogue and just enjoy the array of music blogs. When it comes down to the nuts and blots of getting the latest on what’s happening in quality music blogs it’s the Hype Machine (

Q. What inspired you to start site?

New Media Pioneer: Gabor Kovacs of the Electrical Language Podcast

electricallanguageElectrical language is a weekly music podcast of 4 or 5 podsafe songs by independent artists from around the world. The music ranges from acoustic to electronica to catchy pop to good old indie rock. It is hosted by me, Gabor Kovacs, from Hampshire, United Kingdom.

1. With the Electrical Language Podcast in operation since December of 2005, how have you kept your content fresh for so long?

The basic format has been the same for about 2 years: I usually play 5 songs, of which 2 are by the same artist. Sometimes it’s hard, and there are times that I have felt that it’s perhaps getting stale.

New Media Pioneer: Rew Starr of Rew & Who Online TV Show

rewstarrRew and Who? is the new indigent radio show hosted by Rew of ‘RewBee – The Jewel of NYC’. It’s pure entertainment that will leave you wanting more, more, more!  With their “Anything Goes” mentality, Rew and Who? is spontaneous and informative giving its audience an inside look on today’s indie music and entertainment scene through the eyes of Rew.

1. What has to be done in the technological sense to monetize music to a greater degree on the internet?

New Media Pioneer: Deidre Breakenridge of PFS Marketwyse

deirdreIf you haven’t already heard, Public Relations has changed forever. If you are still trying to get the word out about your music by writing press releases and blasting them out, or by stuffing hundreds of envelopes and mailing them to names on a “media list” I urge you to take a few minutes to read this interview.

It is both an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to interview the unstoppable Deirdre Breakenridge who’s books PR 2.0 & “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations,” (co-authored by Brian Solis) have given me chills on many pages.  I asked Dierdre to talk to me from the perspective of the music business and she delivered the goods

Ariel Hyatt: What is PR 2.0 and how is it different from regular PR?