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This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

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Beehive Candy is a blog and writes about all different genres. It includes new music, live concerts, rarities, and memories.

Featured Podcast:

Weekly Leader Podcast

The host of The Weekly Leader Podcast is a maritime and leadership blogger and podcaster as well as principal of a small social media consulting firm that works with maritime organizations, nonprofits and small businesses.

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
The Music Critic

At The Music Critic, they are passionate about music. They review all types of music whether a new release or a re-issue and give it a honest, unbiased and independent review. As such, you may or may not agree with the review. If you have an opinion on a review, then leave a comment.

Featured Podcast:
Double Shot Radio

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

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Fern TV

FERNTV is the only website on the planet that combines the beautiful world of entertainment with that of the environment.   As this website features the exciting world of music, movies, fashion, and festivals, it will also help spread the awareness of the environment.  The bottom line is that FERNTV gives you quality air time!

Featured Podcast:
The Great Unknowns Presents

New Media Pioneer: Vinny Bond of Music on the Couch

MOTCLogo-2Come sit on The Couch every Monday when Vinny Bond will chat with unsigned artists, artists who are self-producing and artists who have signed with labels to discuss their songs, their journey and what is in store in the coming months. This is where you will find the success stories of tomorrow!

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) I began writing about music on my ‘home blog’ Big Leather Couch ( about 2 years ago.  I love music and wanted to share new, unsigned artists with my readers.

It began as a review of their music and then developed into a written Q&A with the artists and a posting of one or two of their songs.  My readers were asked to vote in a poll as to their feelings for the artists.

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Podcast, A Show & A Station

buzz1200Artists Exposed With Tym Moss

Tym Moss is Singer, songwriter, actor, internet radio prod/host. and his Podcast Artists Exposed goes in depth with artists. Tim also works in film and stage, internet. Independent artist helping other independent artists.

Hit Records Nightlife Video

A local  NYC video show that airs several times a week in New York City, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.   It airs NYC Tuesdays channel 56 at 2 PM. Brooklyn Saturday at 11PM and in the Bronx at Wednesday at 10 PM and in CT on Comcast on Friday and Saturday at 11 PM.

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:

Writer C.W. Ross’s Blog

This blog combines C.W. Ross’ three previous blogs (see below) into a one stop shop for information, commentary, interviews and reviews for a wide variety of Indie and Christian music.
Indie Music Stop-
The CD Reviewer-
Christian Rockers Online-

Featured Podcast: