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New Media Pioneer: Heather Smith of Rubyfruit Radio

Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast that features only female artists and female fronted bands. There are also periodic features on the Facebook Fan Page and on the website. Sometimes, Rubyfruit Radio includes “token boy” features which usually consist of a video posted on

1. You have aired over 100 shows so far, what keeps you going, why do you want topromote artists?

I like hearing new music and I like sharing music I find with people around the world. I sometimes look at the show as being my mixtape for the masses. I used to make mixtapes for friends of music I would stumble upon and this is not different. The internet just takes it to a much larger scale.

2. How long have you been broadcasting?

New Media Pioneer: Lorraine McCarthy of Live Music Media

LiveMusicMediaLive Music Media loves indie music and want to help independent musicians gain exposure on radio and TV. Most commercial Radio Stations and Music TV Networks get their funding through advertisers. They get advertisers depending on the stations’ ratings. They get high ratings through playing top 40 songs and music videos, and thus no independent music gets played. They don’t like that!  Live Music Media just want to hear the music and help feed the scene.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

New Media Pioneer: Radio Ear Network

REN2A_WRThe Radio Ear Network is a information delivery global community media providing a gathering place for listeners in 133 Countries.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your site. What inspired you to start it?

A) We created the Radio Ear Network idea because of our personal need to hear more than the top 40 tracks knowing that there were unlimited artists who needed to be heard as well.

Q) Why do you believe new media resources (i.e. blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations) have become so popular?

Mixcloud’s Celebration of Curation has Successful Turnout

MixcloudFor the past month, on-demand radio platform Mixcloud and friends have been celebrating the concept of curation in an age of machines and mediocrity. Mixcloud invited 31 of their favourite editorial voices across the web to curate a special Cloudcast (radio show, DJ mix or playlist) – one for each day of August.

The celebration came to a close last week and the results have been ear-bending and mind-blowing, with some fantastic original content created especially for the occasion.

This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:

M is for Music

M is for Music is an all-purpose music website. Consider them the anti-Pitchfork as they don’t want to be a select little club in our own little bubble,. This site is all inclusive and wants you to be part of it. If you like an album, then review it. If they like your review then they use it. You teach them new things, they teach you new things, that’s how we roll. They’ll bring interviews, new band representation, blasts from the past, the latest reviews and release dates plus all the latest gossip from the music world. This isn’t an in-crowd, this is THE crowd.

Veteran Radio Personality Lynn Briggs Launches Online Radio Destination

LynnBriggsVeteran radio personality Lynn Briggs will launch on April 13, 2010.  A boutique online radio destination, has been designed with an expanded demographic of radio listener in mind.

“I believe that radio listeners of today demand a certain quality from the music. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it,” said Briggs. “What they crave is a destination that understands who they are. Our listeners are highly educated and successful people from a broad range of social and ethnic backgrounds.

“They want music that reflects their eclectic taste and a radio station that isn’t afraid to take risks.”

By understanding what it is that the listeners want, intends to erase some of the borders that exists in music today. It will be a destination where contemporary jazz, R&B, neo soul and other forms of music are melding into a colorful sonic tapestry. Categories Showcase Radio Shows and DJs launched their new “Category” pages, which feature some of the finest stations, shows and DJs (Cloudcasters) on Mixcloud across 10 music and 6 talk Categories. The new update also includes an interesting integration with Twitter and Facebook.

The Category pages are a selection of editorial picks, designed to help listeners browse through the wealth of content on Mixcloud and discover high quality shows more easily. The Categories range from indie to house to comedy. In addition to the editorial picks, the Category pages include a section for “community picks”, empowering the community on Mixcloud to choose the Cloudcasters they would like featured – an interesting model for crowdsourced editorial. New user picks will be revealed every week on Mixcloud Monday!

This Week’s Indie Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

Featured Blog:
The Fire Note

The Fire Note features music reviews for indie, alternative, and rock artists.  They include the tracks they consider “Key Tracks” as well as artists/bands they think have a similar sound.

Featured Podcast:
RockRoll 360

Michael J. Andrade presents RockRoll360. An eclectic, intelligent rock program. Hear a cross between Classic Underground and AAA Radio format. Along with the great music you’ll find strange oddities- sound bites, radio station I.D’s, jingles and comedy.

Featured Station:
Euterpia Radio

Euterpia Radio is a 24/7 webradio playing rock, blues, country, but also jazz, pop, in short, a little bit of everyting, all the time. Visit to know which tracks are added each week to the playlist.