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Pianist Klay D-C Weaves Fusion Rhythms with Ritmo

klaycoverRaised in the 60s by free-spirited artists living like gypsies in picturesque locations like Cheyene Walk, Chelsea or Cornwall, Klay D-C (AKA Klay Dumas-Copas) is a master of creating musical tapestries that are full of flavor and life. His latest solo release, Ritmo, is a magical musical journey that combines technical prowess with an ear for colorful melodies.

A natural story-teller, the first track, “Mungabunga,” introduces us to a soft acoustic piano before blossoming into a wiggy, upbeat number garnished with salsa rhythms. The totally unexpected arrangement dances between the acoustic piano and electric instruments (guitar and bass) in a melodic tease that excites and intoxicates.

Indie Artist Ludovico Einaudi Exposes Innovative Musical Blends

Ludovico EinaudiLudovico Einaudi blends evocative piano minimalism with almost impressionist touches of ambient electronica, strings, and percussion. His new record, Nightbook, is as definitive a collection as you can expect from a music that is essentially indefinable but if you’re a fan of film, television, or even basketball, you’ve probably already heard his music.

Einaudi might be the most popular musician you’ve never heard of. But if you’re a fan of film, television, or even basketball, you’ve probably heard his music. The NBA, the British TV series Doctor Zhivago, and films like This Is England have all used Einaudi’s lyrical, atmospheric works. In an age when we resort to terms like “post-rock” and “post-classical” to describe some of today’s most interesting musicians, Einaudi is post-everything.