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Market Your Indie Band by Offering Your Music for Free

The process is overwhelming to complete an EP or full-length album for independent artists. Another difficult aspect is letting music fans know that the EP or album exists. Experts suggest that bands need to execute the basics – practice, tour and generate a fan base.

Creating a presence online is a different story. You can upload tracks to websites that generate links, so you can send the generated links to independent music blogs and post them on your websites and social media profiles. Be sure to display links to online stores where you are currently selling your music.

How about giving your music away for free?

Why Should Indie Bands Use Social Networks For Marketing?

plugolaprofileIndependent bands and unsigned bands need the most exposure as possible to gain a following, which comes with a dominant online presence.

How do I get my band’s Web site links on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines?

Create profile on solidified social networks and start-up social networks, but make sure to use your band’s name in the URL name (

Why should I use other sites, besides the major ones that are known like Myspace and Facebook?

Plugola Offers Digital Music Marketplace & Social Network For Indie Artists

plugolaPlugola is a free social network and a digital music marketplace for mp3’s and videos. The Web site is strictly setup for independent artists and the music fans who follow the artists.

“When we first began developing the site, in August 2007, there were not many online opportunities for indie musicians to freely manage and market their own music in a controlled environment, not to mention a central fan base to distribute their music to,” said Erik Peterson, president and co-founder. “So we set-out to create a platform where independent artists have full control over their music and can market it to a targeted niche of music fans.”

The site also offers interactive features, which fans can utilize to enhance their online music experience.