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The Mixcloud iPhone App – The World’s Best DJs in Your Pocket

The Mixcloud iPhone app brings the world’s best DJs, Podcasters and radio shows direct to your pocket. Mixcloud’s content from the best quality Cloudcasters has been available online for a while, but making this content mobile via an iPhone app. The Mixcloud beta app is free for a limited time.

It not only means that you have access to some of the hottest DJ mixes, radio shows and Podcasts on the go, but with 100s of thousands of Cloudcasts available, you can travel from Hackney to Harlem on their instantly accessible content.

Mixcloud Launches Royal Wedding DJ Competition

Mixcloud are proud to announce an exciting new competition offering one person the chance to DJ at the Royal wedding party. After several months of careful consideration, the organizers have chosen Mixcloud to help find the best DJ on earth to play the party.

“This is an exciting step for us, and builds on our experience in running large competitions to play international festivals and parties from Miami to Ibiza” said Mixcloud Co-founder, Nico Perez. “We’re very happy the Royal Family have bestowed this privilege upon us.”

New Media Pioneer: Michael Moss of Post It Cast

1. What was the inspiration behind starting the Post It Cast?

As someone who is constantly following and learning about things old and new, I was commonly asked why I didn’t make more of these things that I came across available to share with others. With that motivation and extraverted personality was the direct motivation to start up The Post It Cast and expand it in terms with a podcast,video,blog,Twitter, And Facebook Groups/Social Network to expand the show beyond just the Podcast.

2. Do you have one show that you’ve done that you think is better than all the others?

Interview: Tom Cherniak of Talks About FTC Guidelines For Bloggers

cmplyWe know that there has been a lot of conversation over the past few weeks about the revised guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission with regard to reviews and paid posts.  The FTC guidelines take effect December 31, 2009 and there is a lot of confusion over what needs to be disclosed, who needs to disclose it, where that disclosure should be placed and how we should disclose.  Today I am talking to Tom Cherniak, co-founder of, about the impacts these new revisions and for some simple rules of thumb to follow in your post-Thanksgiving posts and podcasts.  Please note that this is not legal advice and that each disclosure situation may be unique.

AH: Can you explain what the changes to the guidelines are?