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Whiplash gets ‘Down & Dirty’ with PR Quickie

Whiplash PR & ManagementWhiplash PR & Management will hit their 22nd year milestone this month. One of the original ‘indie publicists’, they have worked with over 3,000 bands, record labels, songwriters serving the indie music community from USA to South Africa, Europe, South Korea, Australia, Canada.

Our newest campaign is called the ”THE DOWN & DIRTY” and it is affordable, cost effective, extremely targeted press campaign that we have been trying out since last year to rave results and reviews.

“The WPM team are by far the best pr agency I have ever worked with. They raised the bar for what I expect from a campaign. For independent artists, it can be really difficult to get traction in today’s media landscape. They are passionate and focused, and they get results.” -CHRIS MULVEY -PALE MONSTERS

The Whiplash team are a force to be reckoned with in the best way possible! , they are thorough, precise, and will never waste your time. She’s a badass” – DOC FELL & CO.

“The Whiplash team are simply the best; they produce real and immediate results; hard to find a more experienced and tenacious PR company and impossible to find one this impressive for the special ‘down and dirty’ package. Amazing!” – Tommy Boy Recording artist “Almost Awake”

Nine Critical Things You Should Know About Music Publicity Before You Make Your First Move

music-pr-placements1. The Definition of Publicity – First, we are going to start out with the very basics–some definitions of what publicity is exactly. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Publicity – “An act or device designed to attract public interest; specifically: information with news value issued as a means of gaining public attention or support. Also: The dissemination of information or promotional material.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Publicity is EXACTLY these things.

A music publicist is hired as a member of your team to represent you to the media. Media is defined traditionally as editors and writers at newspapers, magazines, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, college newspapers, and television. Some publicists may also cover radio for interviews on tour stops, but if you want to get on the radio charts (like CMJ), you will need a radio promoter. Some publicists also cover Internet PR, like my company, but not all traditional publicists do! A publicist’s job is to liaise with the press. They are not hired to get you a booking agent or gig, a label deal, a distribution deal, or any other type of marketing deal. That is what a manager is for. They will not get you played on radio, either. This is what a radio promoter is for. A well-connected publicist, however, may be able to hook you up with all of the abovementioned things, but it is not in her job description.

New Media Pioneer: Deirdre K. Breakenridge PR 2.0 Tactics for Musicians Part 2

deirdreDierdre recently finished her fourth Financial Times business book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations,” co-authored by Brian Solis, published in March 2009 and available in major bookstores. She has also authored: “PR 2.0, New Media, New Tools, New Audiences,” “The New PR Toolkit” and “Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy.”

I asked her to give us some insight on the current state of publicity in the music business and she gave me a lot to chew on … Here is part two of her interview with me

Ariel Hyatt: What’s the key difference between doing PR DIY style now and five years ago?