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Musicians Bypassing iTunes For Independent Distribution Models

princeA few weeks ago, Prince made headlines by claiming that,

“The internet is completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else.”

Not surprisingly, the famously eccentric / multi-platinum songwriter got pretty seriously mocked for his statement, particularly for going on to compare the internet to MTV as something that was once hip but is now outdated.

And it’s easy to laugh these comments off as the petulant wailing of an industry dinosaur, but what if we worked from the assumption that Prince is not a nut, and took a closer look at what he’s actually saying.

Is The Internet Over For Musicians?

Prince made these comments in relation to the release of his new album, 20Ten, which is not being released digitally. In fact, the only way the album is available is through the purchase of various European newspapers, which come with a copy of the CD (included in the price of the paper).

This strategy begs the question: is Prince doing this purely to spite the internet, or is he doing it because experience has taught him that he will gain greater attention, distribution – and potentially, profits – via these newspaper deals than he would online?

NPR Features Riverboat Gamblers as Song of the Day

riverboatgamblersRiverboat Gamblers are featured on National Public Radio with their contribution to Spin Magazine’s Prince tribute album, Purplish Rain. The Austin, Tex. independent punk rock band cover Prince’s, “Let’s Go Crazy,” putting their twist on the dance party hit.

It’s remarkable – and a little depressing – to contemplate the fact that this week marks the 25th anniversary of Prince’s Purple Rain album. To commemorate the occasion, Spin magazine has released a free tribute album titled Purplish Rain, featuring covers performed by Of Montreal, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and Riverboat Gamblers, whose members kick off the album with the party anthem “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Indie Artist J.P. DeLaire Hosts CD Release Party

jpd_promoIn celebration of his new CD, In My Life, and single release of “The Game of Love,” multi-instrumentalist/vocalist J.P. (Jason Peterson) DeLaire of the Minneapolis musical Peterson family has just announced he will be hosting a CD release party at Bunker’s Bar and Grill on June 14, 2009 at 11:15PM.  DeLaire will be backed by one of the hottest bands in Minneapolis, The Combo. (The Combo’s drummer Michael Bland was with Prince for years.  More information on the band can be found below.)

DeLaire, who has worked for several seasons with Michael Bolton, recently returned from Trinidad with Bolton and will be headed out with Bolton again in July. 

DeLaire, who has also toured with Prince, continues to garner attention with his debut CD, In My Life on Tender Girl Music.  Susan Frances of the Jazz Review said, “DeLaire’s album takes audiences back in time to the dance-funk-soul amalgams of the 80s while simultaneously moving R&B/soul forward in time. Born and raised in Minneapolis, DeLaire was weaned on the city’s urban-funk sound and spurred on by his own attachment to R&B/soul riders. Having played as a sideman for Prince and Michael Bolton, J.P. DeLaire imprints his own lettering on R&B/soul and gives the genre a splash of contemporary hues, which enliven its bouquet and garden-fresh feel.”