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New Media Pioneer: Heather Smith of Rubyfruit Radio

Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast that features only female artists and female fronted bands. There are also periodic features on the Facebook Fan Page and on the website. Sometimes, Rubyfruit Radio includes “token boy” features which usually consist of a video posted on

1. You have aired over 100 shows so far, what keeps you going, why do you want topromote artists?

I like hearing new music and I like sharing music I find with people around the world. I sometimes look at the show as being my mixtape for the masses. I used to make mixtapes for friends of music I would stumble upon and this is not different. The internet just takes it to a much larger scale.

2. How long have you been broadcasting?

Independent Artist Jim Greer Set to Release Album

Producer/Songwriter/Musician, Jim Greer, will be releasing his new record, Ginger Vision, on March 14 via Rondo Brothers, War Chant Records. Ginger Vision deals largely with the painful life circumstance of Greer’s 20-month old son, Teddy, being diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer, called neuroblastoma, last year.

Greer and his family will be treating and fighting Terry’s illness well throughout 2011 and all profits of this album will go towards Teddy’s treatments. Ginger Vision will be available to order from the label and through iTunes.

As a songwriter Greer crafts impressionistic, melodic songs that beget comparisons to contemporaries such as Sean Lennon, The Flaming Lips, etc., and classic artists like Syd Barrett or Nick Drake.

Enter to Win Cisco Adler’s Beat the Remix Contest


Cisco Adler and the Miami Ski Team Announce a Remix Contest

Following the release of his debut, twenty-three track, free mixtape – SUPERCALIFORNIALIPSTICKSEXYMAGICDOPESHIT (SUPERCALI) – performer/songwriter/producer Cisco Adler announces “Beat the Remix,” a remix contest to all aspiring MCs and DJs launched Tuesday, August 31st.

Any contestant up to the challenge will have three weeks to pull out all the stops to “beat the remix” and come up with a track killer enough to one-up DJ duo Miami Ski Team’s version.

The Seductive, Perilous Life Of The Semi-Indie Band

producerI went to an interesting show last night. It involved five bands, all in the process of recording their first album at the same studio. The owner of the studio, who is, I guess you could say, “co-producing” the album along with the artists, suggested that they put on the showcase in order to do some live sound and video recording. If they were able to create some successful media, it could be incorporated into their album and/or EPK in various ways.

While the producer suggested a venue, along with video and sound people for the project, it was the bands’ job to book the venue, promote the show, sell the tickets, and pay the tech people. If they managed to record quality sound and video, the producer would then know just what to do with it.

The night was a big success, but of course the bands didn’t actually make any money. After the venue, technicians, and set players for solo artists were paid off, the only reward was some hopefully usable recordings. The bands had been walked through part of the process of production, however, and they were all delighted at having participated in such a professional event.

Interview With Indie Hip Hop Emcee and Producer Gangalee

Jamaican-born, Bronx-bred emcee Gangalee was doing her thing back in the day when women were some of the pioneers of the rap game. Today, she’s still writing and now, producing her own style of intellectual, empowering hip hop, and she’s hard at work bringing the superstar female emcee back up from the underground.

gangalee1GH: For those who are just meeting you, when did you first get into emceeing?

Gangalee: “I began emceeing in the Bronx on 182nd and Tiebout Ave. Doo Wop gave me my first shot by allowing me to be an initial member of The Bounce Squad. I was down with them from 1991-1993. It was an honor to be down and it was a great learning experience. Once DJ Doo Wop gave me a chance to rock on stage live I never looked back. I knew what I was destined to do: emcee.”

GH: Your Facebook page says that you’re “the untold story in hip hop.” Can you give us a taste of that story?