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Hip Hop Artist Keldamuzik aka Diva takes over Antigua with Saga 51 TV & Super Power

Keldamuzik aka DivaDiva has always put herself in the public eye using different tactics to obtain the buzz she deserves for her music career. Instead of the same old music campaign and chasing down industry insiders, Diva created “The Cultural Exchange Tour”, to grab the attention of promoting her artistry in local, national and international areas. From working with Caribbean artist such as Kirk Brown, Ku-J and DJ Outkast; to being featured in Germany’s Shuffle Magazine and a special guest on Australia’s Kiss FM; Diva has been more than welcome to bless each country with her presence.

As of late, “The Cultural Exchange Tour” has lead Diva to tour countries such as Antigua, which took place July 16th – July 28th, and landed Diva a feature in the Antigua Observer. Special thanks to Ben & Alexander Isaac of Super Power, and Daddy aka Lester Buffong of Saga 51 TV; Diva worked closely with both brands and performed alongside with Andy Livingston at the launching of the Heroes Music Festival held at Jolly Beach Hotel July 18th, presented by Super Power and Saga 51 TV, which was a private event and hosted no more than 60 special invitees and close associates of the TV station. The actual festival will take place Oct 29th, featuring Diva, Reggae star Jah Cure, Jamaica’s up and coming Andy Livingston and Antigua’s finest Sir Oungku Edwards.

White House Band Debut Single Off Upcoming EP

White House band has released “#WASUP” off of their upcoming EP, Stimulus Package.

Formed in February 2010, the indie band is a loud, captivating, and energetic Brooklyn-based band. David E Beats and the White House Band created their own genre of music “New Vogue”: a combination of Rap, Hard Rock and Blues.

Cory Lonas (bass), Fernando Martinez (guitar), and Elder Merchant (drums) round-out the White House Band.

Beats, raps honest, clever lyrics and plays heavy guitar riffs guitar simultaneously while on stage. From a Hip Hop perspective, you can compare Beats’ melodies to a Kid Cudi, from a Rock perspective.

Indie Rap Artist Yogy Releases New Mixtape

The indie artist Yogy has recently released his latest mixtape called Love and Guns.

At the young age of 22, Yogy started his career writing, recording, executive producing and engineering his own music for the past 2 years. The artist can be categorized with the rap or hip hip labels, but he life experiences sets the tone for his music.

Yogy has his own publishing under ASCAP, has a solid demo, performance resume and a top 40 sounding single. The hip hop artist has opened for well-known artists such as Murs, Obi Trice, Too Short and DJ Quick.

Hailing out of Oakland, California, Yogy is from where musicians are known for their formally known “Hyphy Movement” bringing a different look to the bay’s market. Growing up in tough streets between Oakland and San Francisco, from being homeless, to witnessing friend’s murders, the artist has really devoted time to making good music and perfecting his craft to make it out of the common hood struggles of urban communities.

Sell Rap Beats

lansonic-modIt is very possible to sell your beats online and make money from your hard work. There a quite a few people who believe making money online selling their beats is not possible and I want to offer some clarification as to the possibility of making money with your beats. Since we are in the internet age selling rap beats is much easier than it has ever been in the history of the music industry. The internet has made it possible for you to make a lot of money without being ‘signed’ as a producer on any label.

In the past in order to make money from your rap beats you would need to be signed to a label and work with the artist on that label or you would have to network continuously with rappers and upcoming artists so you could provide tracks for them. The internet has eliminated the need for all of that by giving you the ability to put your music in front of people that are searching for rap beats. The phrase rap beats is searched over three hundred thousand times a month and ‘beats’ is searched over five million times a month. These searches represent potential customers for your services.

Indie Hip Hop/Rap Artist Rockie Fresh is Performing at SXSW

rockiepressswirlChicago Hip Hop/Rap artist Rockie Fresh has lined up dates at 2010’s South by Southwest in Austin, Tex.

Rockie Fresh’s mixtape Rockie’s Modern Life was well-received in Chicago and is getting him airplay and live shows in his hometown.

The indie artist’s rhymes and tracks combine indie dance nods like Justice’s “Do The Dance” with a early 90’s feel fitting in alongside the Cool Kids and Kid Cudi.

Now Rockie is heading to Austin for the first time – really the first time performing outside of Chicago – to be part of SXSW including a slot at Urb’s show on the 18th and Hustleapalooza on the 20th.