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Home Studio Recording – Can You Record an Album For Under $5000?

recordingstudioAny composer’s dream is to have their own, extensive back catalogue of albums they’ve recorded over a lifetime. Something that when they’re 60 years of age, they will be able to look back on and ponder the recording days of their youth with grandchildren. I know this is something I hope to be able to do when the time comes! Always though, something gets in the way; whether it’s time, songs, ideas, but most of all, money! Really though, is money such an issue these days given the expansive and ever growing recording industry? Much to the detestation of studio owners, recording these days has become a whole lot more affordable!!

“Record an album for under $5000?”, you say – how can this be? So you’ve made some enquiries with various facilities in your surrounding areas and have found that most studios start at $750 a day! But that’s only 6 days! Looks like you’ll be recording a very rushed album then! Then again, maybe not? The reason most of these ‘expensive’ studios cost so much is either rent or the amount of gear they have. Depending on your visions of how the album is to be recorded, there are many different ways to cut costs, but not necessarily on the quality of the recordings. Many smaller studios cater more towards recording the smaller parts to the puzzle. They offer tremendous savings with no real drawbacks!!

Does Anyone Still Care About the Grammys?

And if so, why?

Surprising discovery – Grammy Awards are not, in fact, automatically assigned to the artist who sold the most albums in a given year. Nope. People actually vote on these things. Here’s how it works.

“…honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.”

shutterstock_40744702All record companies and Recording Academy members are welcome to submit artists and albums and records and singles and all that business for consideration. Emphasis on the “All record companies” bit, right?

Next, however, 150 “industry experts” screen submissions then vote on which of them should be entered into up to NINE of the Grammys 30 categories. The ones who get the most votes become nominees.

Finally, members of the Recording Academy vote on the winners in up to EIGHT categories, presumably the ones they are most knowledgeable in. In this way, a small cotillion of across-the-board winners – from RCA, Columbia, Interscope, Atlantic, and other labels under Sony and Warner – is produced.

This year, Beyoncé won in 6 major categories. Who else did well? Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon – the usually cast of automatic winners who surprise only in how shockingly predictable and generic the selections are.

Free or Fee? What is Music Worth?

cash2We are much more reliant today than ever before on technology and the many contributions it makes to our lives every second. Perhaps most notable is the many options technology has given to the Internet and the world of entertainment, making many artistic projects and productions, from digital music albums to e-books to short and long films and television programs available to a larger audience of people.

Steadily children that grew up with the Internet and don’t remember a time without it are reaching adulthood, and attitudes about both the monetary value of artists’ works available online and the cultural value of these works are changing. This revolution began with the introduction of CD’s, which became easy to copy and distribute to friends.