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So You’re Thinking About Investing in a Home Recording Studio

A home recording studio is vital if you’re a recording artist, producer, or audio engineer. There are different types of home recording studios. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start a home recording studio for business purposes.

home recording studioLooking back to the early years of my production career, I remember the excitement of building my first home recording studio. My eagerness took me Guitar Center’s pro audio department, even though my budget was mediocre.  All I wanted to do was record music so I could be in the music business, for real. My first studio started small and worked its way up to being worth upwards of fifty thousand dollars.

If you’re planning to build a home studio for the purposes of making money, you’ll need to consider the information in this article. My goal is to inform new recording studio business owners and developers of exactly what to consider when building a business in their homes or in a house.

  • Security

Studio security should be the first priority on your list, even if you only plan on recording a small group of people. Home recording studios rank extremely high on thieves list of place to break into; therefore, invest a substantial amount of your total studio budget into home security and studio protection.

A New Music Cultivator and New Indie Artist Launchpad – Grow Music Project

Grow Music Project microphoneThe GROW MUSIC PROJECT was conceived by Hollywood songwriter/composer/producer CHRISTOPHER TYNG [“Futurama”, “Suits,” “The OC”] to be a new music “cultivator” and artist “launchpad” for uniquely talented independent artists and bands. Our mission is to recognize and support emerging, career-focused artists by giving them the opportunity to have their most promising song professionally produced, recorded, and mixed in our world-class studio, entirely for free and with no strings attached. These artists will also be showcased on the Grow Music Project website, a hub established to foster artists’ musical connections, opportunities for exposure and career growth.


Independent artists and bands need help now more than ever. Few places are left in the music industry that are still able to support and foster the talent of budding artists. The Grow Music Project endeavors to fill that void, to open the doors of our studio to up and coming artists and bands and give them a place to learn, develop and hone their craft. The GMP community will support their creative process, and strive to give their music the wider audience that it deserves.