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Rdio Launches To An Uncertain Indie Future

Funny story. Remember waaaaaay back in 2001 when downloading music was still kind of new and weird, and it took hours to download one song from Napster or LimeWire?

Back then, Kazaa was another notable peer-to-peer music sharing network, kings of the dial-up connection, they were. That is, until they and all the other disruptive technology people got the pants sued off them by the music industry – a.k.a. Sony, EMI, UMG, and Warner.

Kazaa’s founders, Janus Friis, and Niklas Zennstrom, settled the case for $100 million just as they sold their next startup – Skype – for $3 billion. Kind of makes the music industry people and their settlement seems kind of puny, doesn’t it?

The Next Big Thing?

RdioMediaScreenshots_thumbFast-forward to today, and we find Friis and Zennstrom behind Rdio, a new music service that let’s you pay a monthly membership to stream like on Spotify, download like on iTunes, and share playlists, like Friis and Zennstrom are banking on the calculation that people are just about ready to start paying monthly subscriptions for online media, and that the memberships will start to roll in. Of course, up to this point, a similar approach has not worked for Rhapsody.

Free Mp3 Download: Mahogany Digital’s New Vocalist Jeff Hall

JeffHallMahogany Digital is offering  a free download of “Detour Ahead” from its newest artist, Jeff Hall.

Vocalist Jeff Hall, Kevin Mahogany’s protégé, premiered on the radio with two singles: “Cadillac Club” and “Detour Ahead.”

Discovered by Kevin Mahogany, Jeff Hall (pic left) has the vocal prowess reminiscent of jazz legend Mark Murphy. Hall brings a new urgency and street sense to traditional jazz, as evidenced by his vocal presentation and his onstage appearance. Hall defines a new direction for vocal jazz.

“When I heard Jeff, there was a quality in his voice there was a uniqueness to his sound,” Mahogany said with regard to his decision to introduce Jeff to the public.

Online Music – The Best and Worst Of The Web

itunes7-bluenoteViral widgets allow members to place music players on websites to expand the fan base – Lots of tools to promote your music, build a buzz and track promo efforts – Customized email newsletters for fans – Seamless integration with Facebook, Bebo – Free streaming music

CONS: None

RECOMMENDATION: For musicians, this is an amazing tool. For fans, it’s a great, interactive way to find new music and support independent artists.

iLIKE — — 5

Major artists from Tori Amos to Missy Elliott, as well as independent musicians, post their music, videos, photos, shows, etc.

Online Digital Music Stores Offering Revenue Outlet For Indie Bands

itunes7-bluenoteOnline digital music stores have become a dominant way for independent bands to expose their projects and gain revenue to continue evolving their art.

With iTunes established as an industry leader, there are other Web sites, such as Rhapsody and Amazon, trying to be more innovative and using every angle to develop the idea. actually caters to the independent music community and offers several services to up and coming bands. is a service exclusively for  indie bands, unsigned artists and independent record labels. The company is a full service digital distribution company for anyone in the music business for a small fee.

Can any indie band, or artist submit their tracks to iTunes? Yes, Apple is essentially a record label, distributor, and retailer all in one.