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5 Hot Tips For Musicians Looking Get More Fans And Increase Sales

EmailMarketingOne rule people:

The Size Of Your E-mail List = The Size Of Your Income

So, how big is yours?

Myth: I don’t have any shows to promote. Therefore, I’m not going to do a newsletter.

Reality: 50% or more of the artists that I work with don’t have any shows to promote. Zero, zilch, none…and they still want to be artists in the world getting their music out and heard and liked and listened to (why in the heck would you hire me if you did not want your music out there?).

How To Vastly Increase Your Music Sales And Downloads

line_graphUnfortunately there are loads of musicians around completing for increased music downloads. If you type in “dance mp3″you get about 3 million web sites that fit that phrase. So we have a slight problem attracting visitors to our site.

There are people that make web pages that fit “unsigned dance mp3s”. Now can I ask one slightly simple question…why would I want to search out someone who is unsigned? Unfortunately “unsigned” is just too general. You see we have to put ourselves in the down loaders mind. Or better still…stand back and become a web surfer. What would you search for? I don’t regularly put in “dance mp3s”, I know for a fact that I don’t put in “unsigned music”.

I have actually figured out something that not a lot of free rating MP3 websites are going to like.